Ryu vs. Chun Li

Hello guys,

         I just wanna ask is this really a difficult match for Ryu. In the stragedy guide I bought it says that Chun is Ryu's most unfavorable match. It this true? Tell me if you agree or not and why.

Chun is an “unfavorable” match for pretty much any character. The main issue with Chun for Ryu, I think, is that, when she has meter, EX Hadoken becomes unsafe (she’ll blow right through it and kill you).

No it’s a bad matchup because you can’t poke at Chun with any thing sicne she smokes you with her pokes. There is more about this matchup in the Ryu thread with 80+ posts.

I forget the properties, but the second hit of the EX hado will knock Chun out of SA2 sometimes. Next time I play training mode I’ll try and figure out how the fuck it happens.

I think it’s if you throw it real close – her advance stops at Ryu’s sprite, so I think she’ll get clipped by the trail of the EX.

Still, not like you can just toss em at random though.

In general at mid screen make sure you fight JUST outside of her s.fp range – sweep it. Then just make sure you’re rushing her down all day long w/ good high/low mixup.