Ryu vs fei challenge

hello friends,
im back. LOL
most ryu players will say that fei has an advantage in this match, but i am here to prove that ur wrong unless you’re fuudo or mago.
basically, ur skill has to be from super to expert just to beat a scrub ryu. if u want to prove me wrong, then play as fei against my scrub ryu. i dont plink or os, so that is a relief. i just play old sf style.
thus, if anyone thinks that fei still has the advantage when it comes to scrub ryu vs scrub fei, pm me for a challenge.
psn: brucelee-KID (i live in west coast)

incase u have forgotten who i was, this famous statement will bring you guys back:
“having aduken is advantageous, using aduken is chicken, and abusing aduken is winning.” LOL
and i am here to prove that statement.

looking forward to fighting fei players from ryu users who always say fei is boring and easy to use. up for the challenge?

psn: brucelee-KID

please leave ur psn tag 1 by 1, and i will pm you or u can pm me. later all and thanks


hey, you’re back! you are such a hilarious dude that, despite the nature of your posts, i want to thank you for all the laughs you’ve given me by responding with a serious reply. seriously!

what would a scrub level match prove about character matchups? there are too many variables, like inexperience, that would undermine any honest attempts to draw a meaningful conclusion from the outcome. a scrub’s pet tier-list always breaks down at the highest levels of play.

the only opinions that matter are those of pros, who are taking their respective characters to the limits of sf4’s engine. at the cutting edge of professional play, ideally, the effects/influence of gimmicks and cheesy strategies are at their most diminished, and provide players with the most viable environment to draw any sort of concrete conclusions from.

you’ll write this off since this is coming from one of the top ryu players, but john choi has spoken, “sf its easy to see tiers early”

source: http://www.livingwithjohnchoi.com/blog/2011/02/johns-thoughts-on-marvel-3/