Ryu vs ibuki matchup



Im having a lot of trouble against good ibukis.

i think its ryus worst matchup since ibuki has a lot of tricks, crossups, and good priority against ryu.

whats the technique here to beat ibukis?


SA II Shin-Sho-Ryu-Ken. 2 frame start up. Once you get the meter the waiting game begins.

Ibuki can not do fwd+forward kick as a safe overhead attack aginast Ryu after he gets SA II because if it gets parried the landing recovery is 3 frames. If you do SA II right after you parry she loses 65 % of he life meter. Ibuki likes to jump alot so having shinsho is great because you can not parry a 2 frame super on reaction in the air because of the SD (static differnce aka: black screen freeze)

Zone with standing forward klck as a low crush and far standing roundhouse vs crouch feirce canceled into roundhouse tatsu for air pary mix up.

Ibuki has no invincible move outside ex-dragon kick and her super grab(Yoro Doshi) so you can option select down parry vs throw against her when she is waking up after being knocked down. Down parry beats ex-dragon kick and throw puts her back on the ground into wake postion again. Repeat and Rise. That is just something to get you started.


thanks for the tips there. i might pick sa2 against ibukis. only two chars i might use shin shoryu against. dudley and ibuki. i have to pick and stick with the super arts against them.


damn man. i fucking hate this matchup with a passion. ibuki and Q.
cant do shit against them with ryu.


Ibuki has a standing 3 frame jab so you can not throw here if she uses it in wake up. But that still can be down parried when she wakes up because st.jabs can be down parried as well. Q has no 3 frame attack so just throw whore him once you have knocked him down but keep an eye out for wake up random super. Use low foward to make him give up his charge if he chooses to down parry and cancel into jab DP and it will beat his command grab every time. DPs’ in ST III are throw invincible 1~4 frame.


Qs kara throw has a ton of range so i cant throw him often
and ibukis priorities are too strong against ryu. i just need more matchup practice.


I think it’s because it’s rare to find a Ibuki mainer. It’s hard to learn the match up.

What I notice, Im still learning this match up btw, is that when put in the corner, Ibuki has CRAZY hit strings. HIGH priority in that web of craziness too. The best thing is to block block block (I am usually aggressive but Ive learned she has her options here) until you have a sure opening. Block block block there and an analyze what they’re repeating and when you can escape. A lot of her moves appear punishable but she finds a way to counter your counter. Sometimes just blocking and defending (though you may feel scrubby at first at all the blocking) you are actually marveled at Ibuki’s level of stickiness. Idk if it’s the match up, but a GOOD ibuki player is deadly vs Ryu.


I’ve always felt that Yang and Ibuki (along with Chun Li) are Ryu’s most frustrating matchups. Ibuki because it seems she can just outstrike Ryu’s slow attacks (and option select downparry him to oblivion) and Yang because his bread and butter naturally counters Ryu.

I’m not sure if there is a sure fire solution against Ibuki other than play solid and remain unpredictable. Stay out of the corner, fight her at mid distance (so she cant option select target combo you for free) and maintain a strong defense.

Against a really strong Ibuki, you are better off picking Ken :slight_smile:


^ I agree. I dont see many Ryu’s whining vs Yun. YANG is actually the tougher match up. The simple mantis slash, or poke mantis slash, can ruin Ryu.

Ibuki like you said outstrikes Ryus. During her blocks strings if you press buttons you’ll soon see Ryu get hit.

Im an aggressive Ryu but I gotta say with Ibuki you have to stay more defensive. She has many options with block strings, you have to wait for a slower move to counter. Attack when you know its safe to hit. Basically have to wait for her to make a mistake.

Im not sure about wake up vs her, like if Ryu has the advantage with that. Anyone with more experience care to give insight?


All of Ryu’s matchups are 5-5, even Gill.


there is no way yun is easier than yang!!! i think you guys need to play some better yun players. :wasted:

vs yang

  • remember ryu is a shoto. just like ken, ryu can out footsie the twins.
  • if you happen to parry a slash or red parry one, you can do any combo you want. this really hurts yang. if you can red parry a slash, the yang player will be scared to just throw them out without thinking. Learn it.
  • shoto jump rh is pretty good vs divekicks. plus ryu has a shoryu if you can react to shallow divekicks.
  • after a back throw vs yang, its a good idea to taunt. Increases stun recovery rate by 10%

i like sa1 vs yang. sa2 is good too.


i could say the same about you playing yang players?

great tips btw! its amazing how effective it is sometimes to show a little defense. when you can constantly parry or block thier best moves, they become too afraid to use it, even when they should have used it!


red parrying slashes isn’t even that difficult really. It is hard but in the scale of red parries it’s on the easy side for sure.
It’s about as hard as necro’s hooks or like ryu’s tatsu.

And if you do you get cl.fp to ex joudan to rh tatsu and they’re in the corner.


highly unlikely.:smokin:

no problem on the tips. i hate yang. everyone should learn to own yang so he never wins.


yun is easy to beat with ryu. against yang though, his mixups and ex slashes pin you down forever.


how does ryu suffer more from yangs mixups and ex slashes than any other character?


When I posted this many years ago, Ibuki was a thorn in the ass from Tenren’s lag abusing tactics.


Ibuki has low life so i dont worry so much… But if we start talking about makoto now thats a bad match!!