Ryu vs. Ken.

Been playing 3S, and doing my best as Ryu so far. But I have one problem. Ken users. Any strats? Anything even somwhat useful would help.

Thanks in advance.

learn to parry the OTHER way when they try to do the cross-up forward kick

parry their standing forward/roundhouse strings

watch out for people whoring low forward kicks > SAIII

use SRK xx shin shoryuken against jumping happy kens

other than these you’re off on your own, ken players are really aggressive so parry swift and watch out for throws

Guess I just have to work on parrying then. Thanks.

Playing with Ryu is all about patience and distance. It’s unfortunate when they made this game that they gave Ryu the most rediculous lag ever when recovering from moves. Try not to dash as often, Ryu gets owned bad on low forward. Utilize ex fireballs in your arsenal not from duck forward unless you know for sure that its going to hit. Duck forward into ex fb seems to be the most common move for Ryu players. Try high low mixup for waking opponents, bait them to parry a move so you can punish them. Becareful when getting up from a knock down, opponents tend use low forward a lot and they will be able to stuff your Shoryuken so you can parry and punish them.

Shin Out

Whoa, thanks. Really. Great advice. Gonna put that shit to use ASAP.