Ryu vs magneto match up?



Hi everyone,
Recently i had trouble playing ryu vs magneto, he was disruptor all day long and the when i try to super jump tatsu to get in he goes magnetic balls or his super shockwave.
I know i can punish disruptor with shinku hadoken on reaction but, when i have no metter i find it very hard.

Any tips on how you guys deal with magneto ?



Ryu can throw L. Hadoukens fast enough to match EM Disruptor. The hard part is fighting Magneto up close.


I actually have a hard time doing both myself but maybe I’m not very good with the speed I input my L. Hadu’s?

Fighting him up close is a pain for sure that slide is so annoying and players spam the hell out of it.

I really think DP has no purpose in this game. In the book I have it says it has invul frame but I really don’t see that. In SF4(SSF4) the DP makes sense but in this game its a whole other thing. Just seems useless and I’m hating the no overhead into launcher but now I’m just ranting.


I tested the invincibility of Ryu’s shoryuken. it actually does have invincibility, but not like he does in the street fighter games. the invincibility only kicks in during the move’s active frames, as opposed to the move’s start-up. so this makes it less useful as a reversal, but its a decent anti air.

I also discovered he has the TINIEST frame of invincibility for his assist shoryuken. I’m saying about…one or two frames of invincibility. not to relied on.

the method of testing I used was hitting ryu with Dante’s standing light.


I fought so many Magneto player online. One thing I rely on is my L Tatsumaki Senpukyaku!
Ryu is getting spamed disruptors by Maggy…usually I high jump towards Maggy and before I hit the ground, Maggy goes for his slide, do L Tatsumaki which will keep you in the air long enough for the slide to go pass Ryu and Hit Maggy from behind.
Magneto’s slide is super punishable by Ryu, If his L Tatsumaki is used right. :smiley:


You must have a good assist to get you in. I use ame/cold starsent/dronesshe-hulk/torpedo…(yes she hulk because it works wonders as an unblock-able setup.

practice shoryu timing big time. its really good.


its a tough match up to deal with because i felt i had to rely on my shoryuken to get right under magneto when over head using double jump


Ryu definitely has it rough, And I think thats mainly due to how much faster Magneto can move, and how he has an edge in fireball wars due to how much faster Distruptor comes out and recovers compared to Hadoken. I tend to get hit out of Shinkuu as well, and I feel it’s not just a case of lag issues there, so I prefer not to waste meter trying it. I personally try and keep the pressure on, using assists to either cover approaches. For me, Ryu’s mix-up game is more to do with timing that it is mid-low (Air Hadoken and L Tatsu (both with assists preferably) come to mind), with the hope that Magnus tries go for something like a slide only to get tagged by a hovering Ryu. If you have three bars or LV-1 X-Factor, I highly recommend using it - I rarely get other opportunities if I miss one.


Ryu alone can’t really beat him unless you have like 5 bars and XF to kill him off if you guess right and shinkuu through his disruptor. Was in training mode and found out he can’t endless spam you with L disruptor unless you let him, you could jump over them and call some high priority beam assist to beat out or neutralize his to give you a little time to approach. If you super jump he can just wavedash under you and continue to spam since hes so fast so I guess some long range lockdown/beam assist might keep him in place long enough for you to approach him just to have to chicken block un til you shoryuken him out of his attempts. It seems like a lose/lose for Ryu but not impossible with the right assists.