Ryu vs. Remy

I’m finding Remy to be a bit troublesome especially with my Ryu. I’ve tried a lot of different approaches but I don’t think I have enough experience to understand the playing style. That and the last Remy I played read me like a book. This goes out to you X Calibur Fury. :smiley: Any takers?:sweat:

When I play Remy. I use sa1 or sa3. But Remy has a very low stun gague.,ie lowest in the game so sa2 is good also. Remy’s main objective is to control space and commit you to jumping in on him,which you don’t want to do.

You need to apply your own pressure, ex fireballs., stay patient., walk or dash
towards him. no jumping and don’t get cornered. Hope that helps some.

I used to have a lot of trouble against Remy, and I still kinda do actually, but I’ve been studying the matchup and have been getting much better at facing him. Phobos gave some really good tips. One tactic I’ve been trying is dashing up near him when he’s down to lure his flash kick and blocking/parrying it to get a clear opening when he lands. Other than that, there’s nothing specific I have to offer except pressure his shit down with ex hadous.

Thanks guys, that sounds really good. I never really thought of that. Looks like I’ll start my game off against Remy with a heavy dose of some SA1 and work/adjust from there and hopefully EX-Hadou for the win. Oh yeah and one more question, EX-Tatsu/Joudan (I forget the nomenclature ;D) gets punished by EX-Flash kick, am I correct? I haven’t run into yet so I figured I’d ask. And again guys, thanks for your tips Phobos and J Flo. Much ablidged.

I’m not sure about that, ex-tatsu is a safe tatsu against Remy. Just make sure it hits,cause it will leave you open. Ex-Joudan,not sure…but make sure you follow up
w/Hk Tatsu or mp,or hp shoryuken.

Here are some more tips dealing w/Remy from his wiki. His Light of virtues( LoV) attack is a trapping attack. (b+f) HP or EX version.

Even this technique, however, has a glaring weakness. There’s nothing to stop the opposing player from simply blocking your volley of projectiles. They can simply wait you out, watching as you relentlessly blow super meter on something that doesn’t lead to guaranteed damage. (from wiki) Also:

For this technique to be effective, you must think of it as a series of pokes. Your opponent can jump during any of the gaps, so anticipate their jump attempts then stop the trap accordingly to counter them. In cases where your opponent is simply blocking, toss in the occasional dash up throw after a blocked or parried LoV to keep your opponent from thinking it’s safe to sit. Replace the dash up throw with a EX High LoV when you know your opponent is looking to counter it. The idea is to make them willing to jump or attack, which is exactly the kind of mistakes Remy feeds off of.

You guys are playing some shitty Remys if they fall for this stuff.

Jump in at an angle in which he can’t AA you when you jump over a fireball.

You win.

Also option select parry like a motherfucker. Remy has lots of pokes which lead to 1/20th of your healthbarsville, while Ryu can take off 1/5th in a really easy combo off hitconfirms. It means he basically can… projectile and jab you to death if you play it safe and don’t do anything super risky.

PS A 2 hit denjin is 2/3 of his stun bar. A blocked shoryu can mean death for him at 2/3 stun or you can just hit him with a knockdown and mixup the timing.

Basic fucking game mechanics and risk reward here people :confused:

After stuff like that it’s merely outplaying the guy.

Again guys, thanks for all the help/support. I’ve been taking these things into account and it seems I’m so much better off already, winning against more Remy’s in the last couple of days than I ever did. It might be nice maybe if we add these things to the Ryu-Wiki? And again, much ablidged. =]

I’d use sa1. When u got him in the corner, keep him there. If remy just wants to keep throwing projectiles at you, fuck it just build up ur metre. I’d say the best tip is learn how he plays. and for the most part be patient. Its easy to parry remy when u learn his shit.

All of remy’s attacks knock u back or keep u away.