Ryu Vs Rose (Color help needed)

This is my entry in the Udon Fan art contest. It was FAR too late but I thought I’d finish it anyway.

But my main reason for this thread. Is for advice in Computer coloring.

I’m a pavement artist by trade. And I find working in big bright chalk pastels gets your art alot of attention (And Dollars :wink:

But on the screen and printed media. It’s seems to come off too bright. Especially when I’m going for that cool gritty look.

I’ll post some more example so you can see the trouble I’m have switching media.

I’ve noticed that heaps of the best work on this site has amazing coloring. “Mind Taker’s” work really stands out for me when it comes to this subject. And I was wondering if you guys could offer me any advice when it comes to using Photoshop.

How to save palettes get good tones etc…

Kepp posting artwork it’s very inspiring to see such high quality in a Fan art forum.


The Muntmeister

I Meant Dreaded Fist not Mind Taker sorry

Heres an example outta my comic.

Need a more sombre look. Not so Fisher Price.

It’s all about color selection really, if you see a picture that has good colors. Just save it and copy the colors(via the eyedropper tool). And learn to go out of your way to experiment with colors. For example, lets say you want red. And usually you’d hit the color palette and a window will pop up, with a vertical rainbow and a square window to the left. Normally you’d drag the bar all the way up or down to get red, but try dragging it up or down a bit, then move to the left a bit to get a flatter red. It’s all experiments really. Another thing you can do to make your colors dull is via layer color filter, Make a layer on top of everything, and fil it with a plain color, brown, dull grey, whatever, and set the layer mode to saturation. You can get alot of nice results playing with the layer style.

good luck.

And thx for the props. I try my best.

if you want to learn how to color you shouldn’t be talking to dreaded fist. His color are way too saturated and has no relations to one another. go to
www.goodbrush.com if you want to learn from someone who can really paint.

whoa now, sweet.
I know I’m not THE color expert but he did mention that he liked my colors so I’m telling him how to achieve it.

Although Craig Mullin does own me though. Thx for the link…

K thx bye.


Thanks Dreaded Fist,

That Gray filter deal sounds like a good idea. I’ll try experimenting. And use the results in my next comic (Not this one, Teletubbie color to Spawn color is not a good look :wink: )

And Sweet. That IS cool brush technique or whatever but it’s not what I’m after. Cheers anyway.

Thanks Bro. I’ll Post the results.

The Muntmeister

Sweet you are so “cool”. LMFAO. Listen to Punk Rock and um, listen to shit from Against Me. The Greatest Punk Rock Band to date. (Besides Nirvana.) It’s inspiring shit, brother.