Ryu vs. Sagat Crouching Medium Kick

This is really just to satisfy my curiosity.

I played a G2-A Ryu today who would always do a crouching medium kick anytime I jumped in. It didn’t matter what attack I used, heavy kick, medium punch, light kick, his character would never get hit and I always landed in front of him and got hit with the kick.

Does Ryu’s crouching medium kick have an invincibility frame on the top of the hit box or something?

Sorry I don’t have a video…

Is this a problem with all X vs. Ryu or is this just some random tactic he used against my Sagat?

C.MK lets Shoto characters shift their hitboxes horizontally to miss most jump-ins by a larger character like a Sagat

BTW, Play Dan if you don’t wanna see this again

No invincibility.

Go to training mode and choose Ryu and crouch. Look where his head lays relative to the lines on the back wall of the Training Room. Now do c.mk and see what happens.

Lol I’m such a noob, I never actually thought about those lines as a tool in the training stage. Wow I have a lot to learn…

That’s a neat trick

also if he has time to do that then he has time to DP, why were you jumping in?

I have a terrible problem with jumping in matches. I can’t keep my feet on the ground. I feel like a lame player when I just sit back and throw fireballs with Sagat, it’s not fun. Most of the combos I can do are jump-ins and so I just take the chance. Besides, the thing is, most people don’t punish jump ins online and so if I can get away with it I might as well because it improves my odds. Obviously the tournament scene would be a different story, but I have more important things to worry about that going off and playing fighting games for real.

i have this problem as well, as well as ALOT of beginners, the best thing you can do is realize it was a mistake, and commit yourself to avoid doing it. Just the fact that you recognize it when you’re playing should greatly help. (at least it did for me)

Get within c.mk range to where it does not hit you, and punish it w/ st.lk xx low tiger shot all day long.

Well you already realize it’s a bad habit which means when you start getting better you’ll still have that habit. So stuff it now.

Stop fucking jumping or stop playing sagat. He doesn’t need to be jumping around like a fool.

Also it might even be because it’s online that their can’t DP without trading, so they risk it and try blocking instead.

yea man get rid of the bad habits cause you are only conditioning your muscle memory to do it all the time. You want to condition your muscle memory to do safe and good combos not unsafe ones.

When I play Bison I try to c.mk to hado cancel. It’s just muscle memory.

If you’re used to jumping a lot, your muscle memory will be to jump. That’s a super bad habit.

Even if you need to advance forward with sagat through fireballs, jumping is not a very option. Try FADCing through fireballs and then using standing light kick XX EX low tiger shot. Or go into training mode and try to learn to do kara tigershots and kara tiger knees. Even just the normal :r::lk: move is good for getting sagat close to set up a combo.