Ryu Vs. Sagat!

check out my submission to capcoms cross assault! Featuring Ryu and Sagat! [media=youtube]wOOpUTzoJ1Y[/media]

I didn’t bother because you posted in the wrong section.

Also, I’m not going to bother holding your hand because you should know better.

So you know…fuck your vid, and you.
Kick rocks.

Wrong sub-forum:


wrong pocket homie. 209 dont play dat shit.

i watched it just cause the preview clip was a hot chun li

ps. Sagat would never disgrace himself by training at tiger muay thai

This shit will get moved to FGD and everyone that posts in here will get an infraction. But the dope that posted it in the wrong section is all good. Then that one dude The Wizard, (whatever the fuck his name is) will show up and lay down the law in some lame way. That one guy will be watching from the shadows laughing. You know, the guy that moved the thread and infracted everyone not so long ago.

I started to watch your video but then I started posting all that crap up there and I only heard some of it. IMO it wasnt that good.

watched the vid

scrub…your footwork was atrocious…go home and be a family man.

i don’t like his dancing, he is a punk i cant wait to break his back

lol awesome video. Good luck with the video :tup:

ITT: People fitting in to be dicks.


what the fuck was this shit? Team fortress 2?

Hey guys, Chun-Li was hot so at least it’s something.

You mean people being dicks to fit in. Damn you dumb son.

Wrong section.