Ryu vs Sol Badguy

Can Ryu beat him?

the question is was Ryu ever been defeated?

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Sol must defeat Sheng Long to stand a chance!

what will happen is they’ll both do the strongest uppercut they have and the world blows up :lame: but I say it’s a draw…

yes he has been defeated by oro, sol vs ryu u think about that one, a gear vs a human who u think would win

Well Ryu’s not quite as powerful as mister I destory mountains Akuma so I have to go with Sol badguy.


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very amusing alright. ryu vs. sol is a dream match that even i dont wanna see. both dont have anything in common except being the main icon of the games they are in.

Don’t compare Ryu to anyone in GG. Ever.

A few people have beaten him

Sakura (SFA2)
Sagat (SFA2)
Ken (SFA2)
Oro (SF3)

Although he let Sakura, Sagat, and Ken beat him. Oro easily beat him though.

Why would he do that?

He allowed Sakura to win because, having begun to evolve into an honorable man, he was not going to hurt a teenaged schoolgirl. As far as I know, however, he did not “let” Ken or Sagat beat him. He more or less “lost his focus” against Ken, but that is Ryus fault. It would be akin to saying Muhammed Ali never really lost to Norton, since it wouldn’t have happened if Ali had not opened his big mouth during the fight and had his jaw shattered for it.

As for Sagat, he has never actually defeated Ryu. He owned up on Ryu so hard during the first (and only “actual” fight they’ve had) that he simply assumed victory, and offered Ryu a hand to help him get up. Ryu, seeing defeat imminent, went psychotic, unleashed the “murderous intent” Gouki is always talking about, and gave Sagat his scar with the ensuing attack, winning the match. The only other time they have fought is when Ryu was overcome by Bisons power, and Sagat was basically fighting only to reawaken Ryus real self while Sakura and Ken held Bison off.

To the original question, Sol would win from a storyline perspective.

Even though Sol is the Shoto-scrub of the game, I’d have to say he would win since he’s more broken than 3s Ryu. I dunno about any other incarnation of Ryu though…

Ryu didn’t let Ken beat him. He was distracted by his fight with Akuma.

Don’t know about Sakura or Sagat, though. Sakura, probably. Maybe he was just impressed. Sagat in SF1 was stronger than (regular) Ryu, but now I don’t see any way that Sagat could beat him, so Ryu definitely let it happen.

As for the topic, um, Sol is probably the strongest guy in the GG universe. That’s a universe with a super soldier that killed thousands of people in a holy war, her daughter who goes on violent rages occasionally, a woman who can travel through time and cannot be cut by any force, and an immortal vampire who kills you by punching you. I don’t think there’s any contest here.

You should have use the he can punch you to the next solor system bit cause killing some one with a punch isn’t that impressive but punching some one to the next solar system is.

Akuma is powerful enough to kill any living creature with one punch anyone more powerful than him is just a overkill. I mean come on were talking about a guy who can sink islands and destory mountains with one punch. I am just saying with the kind of power Akuma has he could have easly kill ryu off if he want to.

plus he can withstand the crushing pressures of the deep ocean.

You’re thinking of Bridget, not Sol.

I think Sol would win cuz he has far more range then ryu, and ofcourse the dustloop.

Guilty Gear = Darkstalker tier for character strength, which is above Street Fighter pretty much.

No I was think more in terms of punching power.

destroying a mountain in one punch is more impressive then kill the average human. It only takes about 2,000 psi to kill the average human.

Ps: Ryu is a lot tougher than the average human.