Ryu Vs Thawk Help



Hey everyone,

Great site I came here because im tired of losing. I mainly came here because im sick of adons just doing whatever they want and winning. But also because im lost in the Thawk matchup.

I get swept alot condor dived and mixed up alot by good thawks.

Id like to know the tried and true method of what i should be doing in the thawk match because frankly i dont have a clue what my basic gameplan should be, usually im just all over the place trying to figure out what works. so i came here to figure out the TRIED AND TRUTH method to facing thawk and perfecting that rather than playing with my pride and trying to figure it all out on my own.

Thanks in advance

  • A fellow Ryu player


here is a meterless ultra setup for ryu against t.hawk, corner only.


basically you shouldnt let him get to near to you. (grab) means you gotta zone with hadoken for example and sometimes a s.hk to let him give a border
you should be ready to do m.srk aswell as AA.
and if you get him in a blockstring, make sure it is safe.
btw jump cancelled hadoken or tatsus are a thing to explore for ryu in general.
you can do it by ending with : up forward+punch and it cancels your jump. this causes the move to be safe to throws,grabs for 4 frames.


Use a lot of mid range fireballs and train your antiairing.

vs. Adon you have to learn to stuff Jaguar Kicks. Adon and Ryu are basically trying to do the same thing, Adon just does it better in the matchup. Jag Kicks > Ryu. cr.mk xx shoryuken can stuff some. Well-placed standing light kicks are also good for stuffing Jag Kicks. Not much damage, but a fast, single button. You have to negate Jag Kicks if you want to play the Adon match.


how much PP you have?
i am asking you this because if you are under 2000PP there is actually no point in trying to explain you anything

and for those who gonna atack me now why i ask that when that’s not important, i’d say it is important cause PP is a clear indicator of someones “online skill” … if we dont take matchups into consideration a higher PP player is always more skilled and will beat the lower PP player


U1 punishes all his regular and ex dives (punishes 99,99% of the blocked dives that makes t.hawk to spin backwards, you wont be seeing the 0,01% happening that much). HK tatsu punishes almost all the regular divekicks, but you cant do the tatsu as a reversal or the first active frame wont hit and the next spin will be blocked by Hawk.

T.Hawk’s far s.HK wont hit Ryu while crouching. The biggest problem here is the mix of c.mk, s.HK and dash’n spd by T.Hawk. You can pretty much to try to hit the s.HK with your c.mp, and whiffeds c.mk with your own c.mk or c.HK. I guess c. HK is safe on block from such range, not entirely sure, however.

Other than that, keep spamming hadokens and c.mk from short range. Ryu’s c.mk is easy to get punished on whiff by Hawk’s own c.mk, take that into account.


go to youtube and search Ryu vs Hawk matches. especially of top players.


skip towards the end, Air fought a good hawk. maybe you pick up a few things