Ryu vs Yun

First off i must say nobody really plays Yun here [weird, i kno] and i have lots of trouble everytime i met one, i can’t stop genei pressure when i face good Yuns and i lose control too fast and get caught into genei combos too much. I mainly play denjin, i think it’s a wise choice for Yun but it’s really hard to catch him or bait him into denjin setups. His quickstand speed is so fast that i can’t keep my pace when i corner him and his divekicks are a pain in the ass. What to do?

Now i’ve gone through this old topic http://www.shoryuken.com/forums/showthread.php?t=84739&page=1&pp=25 but it doesn’t really help me a lot, i need more in depth anti-genei tips like the ones on mopreme live journal http://mopreme.livejournal.com/ he talks about Yun-Ken matchups and i think some of this stuff also applyes to Ryu but i still find it hard to deal with Genei. When i play as Ken it’s LOT easier to pressure Yun.

Ok any tips and any kind of help on this matchup are really appreciated.


Sorry to burst your bubble - but Shin Shoryuken is actually better against Yun. Trust me… I use Denjin with Ryu mainly, but Yun means SA2 has to come out.

Block a divekick then go straight into Shin sho - most probably it will connect, but even if they VERY LUCKILY decided to block, it will scare them from attempting dive kick spams again.

And if they pressure you in GJ, they have guts because Shin Sho can out prioritize GJ quite well - at least from what I’ve seen. Its just timing it properly.

When you dont have shin sho, you just have to read the GJ pressure pattern. The hardest times for me are when Yun starts off the GJ pressure with command grab :mad: I’ve seen KO do this a lot and it works very well since everyone is too busy trying to block the first hit of GJ. And other time is when he is using standing lk to get closer and closer until he goes for command grab - I find it hard to parry to lk since I can’t always predict WHEN they will do it, plus some guys grab after one lk, and some guys just start mixing up again.

I hate Yun so much - I’m gonna learn him :devil:

Sup bro! Tnx for your advice. :wink:

Your interpretation of this matchup might be good, but still i don’t feel like playing SA2 vs a good Yun, chance to get a shinsho on him is really poor imho plus u have to charge that long bar and Genei is almost always ready to use. U might get one shinsho in a match [maybe into genei blocked strings or randomly on a divekick] but this is not going to take u so far. I think Denjin has the X factor, it’s scary if u play it well.
Well…i’ll give shinsho a go next time i face a good Yun so do u have some vids of SA2 Ryu vs Yun?

here is what i posted in my denjin thread…i think it’s pretty decent…give me feed back.

Basically get some frankie vs pyro vids…i can put up a link to it but it’s in the Official 3s match vids thread in general 3s…this is b/f pyro was at his current level…but he was still hella good…frankie will show you how to play footsies and zone yun as best as possible…
You are really gonna have to parry yun’s pressure strings if you play a good aggressive yun. just try to stay on the same plane as him too if he’s jumping constantly to dive kick jump up and mp to give him 2 things to parry…just try to stay the hell out of the corner…learn what you can really punish.

you really need to be able to parry shoulders…that is great…that will put fear in the yun players heart if you get a nice combo on him off of that shoulder might make him stop shouldering and just activating the genei on you…this is good…but honestly keeping yun from getting bar is going to be hard i would say don’t be afriad to use a ex hado to get a knock down if you can get on top of him. it’s worth it in this matchup just to keep yun grounded.

obvously you can fuck him up after a blocked running fist…just posting it to post it…

you really need to keep him off of you b/c he has some nasty ticks into zempo…or he’ll just cross you up with dive kicks…srk the jumping yun until he proves he can parry your srk…it’s only one hit so you have to mix up your timing…can not get predictable…if you watch valle you’ll notice he does this b/c one parry isn’t shit to any player who’s worth playing…just make sure the yun doesn’t fuck you over by jumping from the right ranges and doing the lk version…going under your whiff and fucking you up…it’s best to wait till the last moment to srk…but then the yun can expect to parry easier…this fight will not be easy…but be patient…yun takes damage badly and if you get a denjin and the full jump in combo…it should be a round winner…almost…genei is good for random come backs haha…

to zone yun i would say use the st. mk…good range decent recovery from the correct range…if your playing ryu you really need to learn his ranges…he is all about this…use your dw. mk too…it is good at keeping him at a safe distance…this can frustate some yuns into dive kick mode…then just srk that ass…your going to have to make the yun player make mistakes…but be careful of just rushing in on him when he’s builiding bar…yun can do too much random stuff when building genei that can lead to getting enough bar for a genei…

walking towards yun is sometimes better than dashing…makes them get curious…walk some cr. mk…walk some more cr. st…walk some more overhead etc… you are going to have to chip for your damage alot until you get an opening…remain patient…gettin impatient falls right into yun’s hands.

keeping yun locked down on wake up is not that difficult just be careful and block if you are frustrating them b/c he might go for the srk kick…or jump straight up to make you whiff if you miss time…that is not what you want…get him in the corner and keep his hat wearing ass there.

Cool man thanks for your tips! I’m gonna throw some of your anti-Yun stuff in my game asap.