Ryu wakeup dp / srk?

does ryu’s wakeup dp / srk get stuffed easily compared to other games like cvs2?

Stuffed? Not really, it has very good priority. It will trade with certain meaty attacks.

You don’t want to wake up srk all the time though because of it being extremely easy to parry. Also, they can just block and punish for free.

Can ANYTHING stuff or trade with ken’s or akuma’s?

Lots of things stuff them. I dont have a list but there are lots of normals that can beat them.

i’ve traded with all versions of Ken’s DP a million times.

akuma’s wake up recovery is actully wacky. It has to be incredibly fast and meaty to get him on the wakeup game.

I’m talking 20 pounds of ham here.

Okay, more specifically, what does makoto have lol

Are you asking what useful wake-up attacks she might have?

Well, when I think my opponent is going for a throw after a knock-down, I usually do cr. LK > LP Hayate.

Other than that…well…parry > Karakusa.

If she’s the one standing, a ticked karakusa works well. Or EX-Tsurugi at the end of a jump-in. Her EX-Oroshi is the one I see people use the most often, and with good reason.

Well I meant for anti-EX shoryu… most things can be beaten with c.lk, s.mp or s.hk but I don’t believe any work against ex-shoryu…

blocking works.

akuma’s srk has EX priority :arazz:

if paced right things like Q’s sweep trade with a LOT of SRKs

i´ve beaten both ryu and ken´s ex srk with dudley´s c.rk

Well, I wanted to avoid telling him that, becasue I felt it should be obvious, but yeah. I honestly think baiting out a EX-SRK is the best thing Makoto can do. I wouldn’t attempt to stuff an attack with that much priority, especailly if it’s highly punishable on block anyway.

you have to understand that hp/ex shoryu of Ken has invincibility, so if you try to hit him up close on his wake-up and he does a reversal, you’re fucked, the only way to TRADE hits is standing further away so the invincibility frames have worn off, but you wont do as much damage as you could have done by just blocking.

Pretty much.
Block and punish.

baiting out a move and telegraphing it is the name of the game…

Who knows (/cares) about Makoto, but Q can eat up all of Ken’s shoryus, Ryu’s non-ex shoryus, and all of Akuma’s shoryus (although sometimes you trade) with both crouching roundhouse and crouching fierce.

I tried this in practice mode a while back (possibly a year ago) with makoto vs ken and this is what I found (me being Ken and having recorded Makoto for consistency purposes):
meaty mp would on occasion beat a reversal hp dp (words reversal show up on screen). That’s right, I said “occasionally”… Why not all the time? My answer “I don’t know”, maybe the game plays my recorded actions inconsistantly, or maybe there’s a difference between first frame reversals and 2nd frame reversals (iirc there’s 2 frames to do a reversal).

Meaty standing mp never beats reversal EX dp.

Meaty c.lk (5 frames, not that hard to land meaty) beats wakeup hp dp’s all the time.

EX dp beats meaty c.lk all the time.

Sometimes c.lk tick into lk karakusa works, but the kick leaves you at some frame disadvantage. As a matter of fact in tournament play I got reversal shippu’d for my trouble twice. I had never played that guy before, and after watching him play some more I concluded that he was in fact trying to do hp.dp xx SA3 but my c.lk stuffed the DP after which he stilll finished the super motion and catching me in recovery. So nowadays I usually just make like a Corsair and gamble, going for c.lk xx lp.Hayate to counter throw attempts, jumps and (of course) reversal dp’s.

depending on what kind of player you play against.

some people try to do things on wakeup all the time, so go ahead and bait it out
some people block low, then jump. so go ahead and just karakusa on wakeup or counter the jump with c.rh after your tick. you can also c.lk, ex chop
some people just block all day long, so go ahead and tick throw all you want.

what usually works best is getting the tick throws when you look really aggressive and so you cross under karakusa ftw if you know how to get the 100% stun.

You just gotta love when they panic and scramble or something. lol, some people spam shit. Usually akuma players do. They spam shoryukens at those fast hit recovery times, so just watch out for those.

sometimes i find it highly amusing when a karakusa gets them and they mash on the buttons. well, actully, sometimes it pisses me off cause they are fucking up the controls at your favorite machine.

ah, the fun with makoto…good times.