Ryu - wasting bars

I want to see how many times ryu can connect with his shin hadouken. So if you know how to connect his shin hadouken more then two times post a video.

I found a way to connect shin hadouken 4 times - [media=youtube]tt3wbX25Bx0[/media]

and for the last one, just XFC into shinkuu hadoken.

I know but I want to do it without the use of x factor.

Didn’t RayRay post a vid of this already?

By himself, Ryu can connect 3 Shinku Hadokens in a combo. It does have some applications in a match, but it’s more dependent on your current meter status (if you have 3 bars already, Shin SRK is the way to go)

Also: If you can figure out how to do more than 1 Shin Hadoken in a combo that would be interesting. The properties of the move feel very tough to to utilize effectively.

meh didnt I do like 5 right when the first game came out period, with no assists? lol shrug…

I just wanted to see if there’s other ways of connecting the 4 hadoukens

Yea I seen your videos on youtube your combos are godlike. I dont know how you even think up some of those combos.

thanks… now if someone wanted to do a challenge see how many charge up super fireballs they can get in a combo. That would be difficult.

What fireball the Baku Hadoken? or Ren Hadoken

heres another way to burn sum meters wit ryu

pretty awesome combo. I actually use ryu and spencer in my team I dont have wesker tho


wow pretty cool. I use doom instead of wesker but I could probably do a variation of this combo