Ryu watches me

This is on my wall at home. My GF painted it for me.

Buy her a cookie, or something else ;), cause thats pretty awesome.

Yo, That’s pretty bad ass. She’s a keeper.

Wow dude, that’s awesome

And it doesn’t suck, either. Gratz on the art and the chick!

wow thats awesome, congrats man u have a great girlfriend

Is that the Capcom Fighting All Stars artwork for Ryu? I don’t completely recognise it.

Yes it may be, it is from something…

man that is hot… I would say keep her around.

man that’s inspiring, I need that in my life…that’s genius…

OMG thats amazing I want my walls painted too. Did she use a projector?

Yeah she used a projector to stencil it, and then painted it. I’ll be moving out of this house pretty soon… :frowning: I’m sure she will do something else for me, I want to do a pic of Cody punching through a wall.

Took a lot of tole paint mixed and matched

This is what we were going to do next, but realized it would take a long time…

oh nice dude, tell her good job for me

Whoa, that is an awesome mural! Definitely cherish this woman!

asl of said gf?

When your GF draws Street Fighter like that , you marry her :smiley:

Did you give her meat as a reward?

That’s a pretty smart way to get such a huge Ryu on there. Is she also a fan of the series or games in general? Is she an artist at heart too? I ask because if she’s either then I’m sure she had as much fun doing it as you did, but it’s still quite a lot of love to do a project so big!

Cody would look cooler.