Ryu X Chun-Li Project... The RCL Forever Graphic Novel


It’s less this site is sad and more you posted in completely the wrong section, which is far sadder by a long shot.

But go ahead and judge everyone based on the responses of a few. It’s real “professional” of you. Asshole.


What’s sad is that people actually care about the romantic interest of people that punch each other in the face in a fighting game.

Also if OP would google search Ryu training then he would know what his true love is.


what kind of a life does one must live to come to srk and act “professional”?


I thought Ryu married Sakura after he defeated the invading Mortal Kombat army and saved his father Akuma from Chameleon.


How can we be “Professional” when the site you linked us to has some hentai pics of Chun and shit.
C’mon son…

This isn’t some sincere story here.
This is a hentai.


Holy shit I should have clicked that link. Shit is hilarioous.

I give it two badly drawn thumbs up.


If you want to see something really interesting, image google Ryu and Chun Li condoms. LMAO!!!


Seriously? Hentai. Go look up what that is. Obviously this place can’t be grown up enough to even act respectfully even when they don’t like something. Yes, that’s the “professional” aspect I’m talking about. Again, this is a site only for children and teenagers who want to cuss at everyone and everything to get together and act stupid.


Okay, you draw something better and post it. No respect…


No but for real, how much of a fucking lifetime watching loser does one have to be to in order to care about making up relationships for fictional characters. Nigga you will never get that chun li pussy no matter how many shitty fanfics you write son.


Um dude… That’s television, movies, books, etc. Any by the way… I’m married and have 5 kids. This is a project that was inspired by my friend who was killed 3 years ago, so stop being a dick and shitting on my thread.


Didn’t know Night died. Don’t remember a whole lot about him 'cept his crazy sig that listed all the Ryu hentai pairings (including Ken). My condolences.




Oh man. So sorry to hear about Night. I definitely remember that wacky sig and those avatars he managed to slip past.

Edit- oops double post.


This thread is comedy gold waiting to happen.

Fuck you!
I went there hoping for naughty stuff and i only found sfw art and a nsfw drawing that wasn’t hot at all :mad:


Wait wait wait, so Night died?

For reals. Seriously my bad man. The site is still gay as fuck but Night was a chill ass dude.

My condolences.

Edit: Now I feel like an ass.


Yes, Brian was killed in an accident on February 26, 2010. This project is dedicated to him. Yes, the site isn’t all too eye candyish, but oh well. All I was hoping for was respect for the undertaking of such a project for a lost friend. Please don’t trash this thread as all I’m trying to do is get the word out. Constructive criticism is welcome, but not stupid ass comments.


Fan Fiction section is your best bet for better discussion on the matter. GD threads (especially those that should have been in other sections)… tend to end up like this.


Moved to the proper section.

I really love it when people don’t check out all the sub-forums to verify where they should post their thread and just assume that it should fall under GD… not.


Fuck me!
I ain’t gay! :mad:
Ok, the pics were questionable given the whole “I wanna make a lovey dovey Ryu and Chun Story where they live happily ever after”