Ryu... Yet again

I should probably consider drawing other SF characters…

The lineart to this can be found on my blog


Sagat WIP. Not happy with his muscles.


dude that sagat is boss. if not the muscles, definitely take pride in the skin. the skin texture is amazing. as for the ryu, the leg sticking out is buggin me a bit. i’m not sure how to put it tho.

amazing color work there man.

is that a 540 ryu is doing?

Is Sagats neck wierd or is it me?

Bland_Wolf - Thanks. I actually regret doing Ryu’s leg that way.

fistoftheryustar - errmm, i’m not sure what that is. So no(?) I just decided to draw him in a kick pose, i didn’t have anything particular in mind. Thanks alot for commenting.

DuckHole - It’s you… just joking.

Here’s the final Sagat pic. Hopefully any problems in the earlier preview have been ironed out. Overall i’m pretty pleased. The pose is still a bit wonky though.


NICE texture work on the skin. How much time did you put into this?

his pose is a bit unnatural, though. If he’s pushing his elbow back and then looking over his shoulder… I think his left trapezius muscle should look more tensed up. Perhaps his back too. Right now he seems relaxed everywhere else but in that arm.

i would def. use it for a custom stick graphic, great job!

up sagat is looking mean