RYU YOSHIMITSU Cloned - Street Fighter X Tekken


RYU fighting like YOSHIMITSU.

Yeah, it’s true. All because of my SxT cloner.

Watch and enjoy :-



Okay but seriously, I hope your game doesn’t always run that slow…


Sir,the game is running at full speed,it is looking slow because of my recording software FRAPS.
And it is not invisible air,it is invisible YOSHIMITU’s sword.


Create your own Clones.
Download links of my SxT cloner are given on that YouTube page :-


Reference. Right over your head.


What do yo wanna say, i don’t understand.


What is this sorcery?


Don’t work with Lili. Check this bitchin winning animation and broke as fuck super. one of my friends sent me this footage.


Make Ryu or Zangief with Kazuya moveset please, and do EWGF


Fullscreen? http://www.abload.de/img/trolloloc1xyj.png




I pretty much lost my shit at the end of that match.