in my c groove team im usin ryu. can u tell me his bnb’s combos and who goes good wit ryu. and i wanna no his stenghts and weaknesses.

how the fuck do shotos walk up cr short cr short super vs cammy’s whiff st RH… i so can’t see Ryu and Ken getting their in time. With ken, its hard enough getting walk up st LK into whacky kick. Ryu i may be able to do walk up cr MK into hurricane kick. but even then its a pain. And punishing a whiffed st RH with cr RH is hard as well.


I do run up sweep against a whiffed Cammy far s.HK when I have run groove shotos. The thing with short, short is you have to be REALLY confident in your execution and timing judgement. You visably see Cammy whiff that far s.HK and you know exactly how much time you have to walk up and combo Cammy before she recovers in time to block. The thing is that Cammy has a whooping 10 hit frames to that stupid move, so you walk into a kick to face trying to combo her more often than not. I’ve already said, “Screw it…” and just sweep her instead.