i got inspired by the sf4 trailer to do this ryu pic. vegget0 did the wallpapers. i’m thinking about making a ken one too. let me know what you all think



I really like it!
nice work.

but his arm looks a little stubby

thanks. his arm looks that way because it’s being foreshortened

Hey that’s pretty cool. :tup:

His head reminds me of Shingo from KoF.

nice, looks alot like 3s style…

haha… good job. he looks kinda like clive owens to me… am i wrong?:lol:

hmm. yeah he does kinda look like clive owens a bit. didn’t mean for it to look like him but now that i look at it he does resemble him

wow that is amazing

looks good, but he doesn’t really look japanese anymore.

if anything he looks eastern european.

when did ryu ever look japanese? lol

i think he’s got a slight japanese look. i drew him a bit different from all the other ryu faces i’ve seen on official art. i wanted him to look older and weathered, i mean he’s like 40 at least now