I fucked up this ryu but check him out.


i dont know if anyone else has been getting this, but i keep getting dead links. maxx, can you please post the picture as an attachment?

You know your crap ass link dosen’t even work I gurss no one had the balls to tell you.


:lol: It made me laugh so it’s all good.

and you have the nerve to talk about my stuff that looks like the guy from kung pow! I hope you draw better than that!! :lol:

ya kid i made that in 5 minutes. It was for a speed drawing thing. Also even if it was my full skills i wanna tell ya. Just cause i didn’t do it very well, doesn’t mean i don’t knwo what i’m talkin about. I believe i’ve only given u compliments and tips. I never ragged on your work at all. So i don’t understand the hostility.

lolollololol:lol: :lol: :lol:

i think this is the first time i gotta agree with kendoken. there is a stunning resemblance to the fag from kung pow.

Yo man Its all in good fun don’t take anything I say serously I just funnun is all you know a joke hahahaha loosen up it could be worse ya know. I ain’t raggin on your stuff just a comment.:lol: :bluu: :stuck_out_tongue: :o :smiley: :wink: :slight_smile: :evil:


everyone keep using the excuss “It was only a 2min…no 1min sketch” If it’s that clean, than you obviously spent to much time dressing it up and not enough time working on the important stuff. (like anatomy and proportions) IF YOU ARE GOING TO TAKE THE TIME TO CLEAN IT UP, TAKE THE TIME TO MAKE SURE IT LOOKS GOOD FIRST!!! Ok, I feel better now.


agree with you completely.


kung pow rocks man…

“Thats a lot of nuts!”


I know i have anatomy issues, i’m working on that hence i got my anatomy book open. Whats wrong with the porportion i can’t tell. Now the excuse its not an excuse it’s a fact as well as i’m not all these people. I don’t go to alot of art sites so i don’t know who you’ve seen. But i can only cover for me, i came here to show my appreciation for street fighter as you all but i get nothing but peopel complaining to me on my art.

Well are you looking for a crit, or a wow thats nice? Just saying though so take no offense.

You have anatomy issues and you are gonna tell me about mine???

Kung Pow is the funniest movie I’ve ever saw.
I have some yellow liquid for your popcorn and its non-dary

omg thats my fav part. i remember i was saying that for 2 weeks straight, just in random places.

You don’t have to be perfect at soemthing to give advice. I know i ahve a rpoblem with it but that doesn’t mean i can’t give advice. I know what your problem with your art was and was helping you out to make it better.

sfmc-I don’t think i was looking for a crit cause i didn’t have taht in mind when i drew it. I simply just thought hey this would be cool to post up of shoryuken forums. I didn’t think of a crit or to try to get wows just put it up here.

Kendoken … your no bad ass… your a spammer… I also agree that Im getting sick of the excuse for peoples bad work. Fisrts of all, why would you ever be proud of a peice that you drew in 2 mins… Its :lame: so stop making excuses and improve…

Thank you for your comment young one…:lol:
and what the fuck is a spammer???