Ryu's best bread and butter combos

Anybody have a list? I’m familiar with a few but I was curious as to what others do.

A couple things to keep in mind:
Fierce combos into just about any power joudan geri (sidekick),
low forward combos into the light version,
ex tornado can get you out of corner scrapes in some cases.

If you’re slick on jumping in without getting parried, follow your hit with a fierce and light tornado kick, or dragon punch, or fireball into super. If your opponent likes crouching, the tornado won’t hit, but you can throw him if his reactions are slightly slower than yours. Also, when he’s crouching, you can follow the fierce with an ex joudan geri (sidekick), and you can burn a bit more of your meter to jump after him and do an ex tornado in the air, or reset him with a jab or strong and go for a throw.

Remember, ryu doesn’t have the same advantages as ken, so using a fireball to help you buffer into a super and give you more reaction time can be dangrous since an opponent blocking the fireball recovesr before you do, and ken’s strong fierce chain into fireball pushes you back enough for him to be pretty safe.

I forgot to mention the solid dragon punch finish. Use the low forward on opponents jumping in and use the fierce to continue a damaging jump-in or to punish mistakes. You can cancel the light or medium dragon punches into the fireball super while still having it connect.

Not to sound like i’m lecturing you on the subject, this is just what I do.