Ryu's Best Combo



What’s Ryu’s best combo, I like

Then when you’re at about chest level with you opponent
After Landed
Quickly cancelled into

What are other combos that are good?


Are you serious? Lay off the pot son… It’s bad for you…




seriously, this guys talkin about a combo straight outta the original Street Fighter 2. He had me hella weak, dude went old school on us lol. Hey dude, try this one, I just made it up. Press down+fierce, then move the joystick to forward and let go of fierce. It’s cool!!



…I’m not sure, but I think you’re being sarcastic… anyways, it’s good for damage, so I use it, plus it’s SOOOOO easy to do.


that one’s GREAT!


I think i saw this on the sai rec vid… Its kind of tough. I cant get the fp to cancel correctly :stuck_out_tongue:


:lol: :lol: :lol:
For real though. jumping fp, standing fp. qcb hk. If they have a groove that tech rolls do qcb mk. I think it Ryu most powerful combo without super.


Cross-up then----
c.mp, c.fp, level 3 shinku hadouken
c.fp, shin shoryuken.
(on big characters) c.mp, c.lp, c.mk, shinku hadouken (any level)

without super
c.lk, c.lp, c.mk, fp hadouken or rh hurricane kick.


How about J Hp, cr lp, cr hp xx Lv2 shinku hadouken lv1 shinku hadouken.


You guys are all wrong; Ryu’s best combo is crouching short, crouching short, crouching short.

Try it!


hell no, his best combo is jumping HK then C.Mk, then shin-shoryuken, but u gotta be fast though but its alot easier at the corner or if u wanna look more flashier go with jump in Hk, c.lp, c.mk, then lvl 2 shinkuu hadouken, the cancel into short hurricane kick then lvl1 shinkuu hurricane his ass.

stand back, theres a hurricane coming threw :eek:


cross-up mk, c.lk, c.lk, c.hp, lvl 3 super fireball(bnb combo)


I’ve been wondering how do you consistently combo a DP from a level2 super hurricane kick? Or its not 100% possible…

Any advice?


hard to pull off, i can only do it sometimes. its easier doing a level 2 super fireball into a hurricane kick

is there a way to pull off the c.lk, c.lp, c.mk to a fireball? i can’t get the fireball to hit


Unless it’s a Shinkuu Hadoken, it’s not going to combo. It’s usually thrown in for safe measure and GC/Block Dmg., but since it is not a true combo, many become the wiser and DP in between or roll right through the Hadoken’s startup. Do not abuse!


ryu’s combos

Ok what groove are you guys talkin ab just reg C-groove or EX groove ??:rolleyes:


I know a few combos, but heres one for style in the corn j,lk hurrican (before you touch the ground) lvl1 super hurrican when you land. All together this takes as much as a super hurrican does alone but i looks cooler.

Ryu has a lot of links also like his c,mp into c,mp. But my favorit is standing jab, jab, fierce takes hell of timing.

As for the classic crouching fierce into fireball, you can now link crouching jab,crouching fierce fireball.

Another cool looking link is c,lp clk. c,lp c,mk you can use hard kick to take place of the mk at the end but it really hard to time.

These are can be done in any groove, i don’t use ex groove.


Biggest Combo

What is the BIGGEST combo people have managed. Try to keep them simple, and write the number of hits after the moves…

Good Luck,
Mohammed Ali


I have a question

what is ryu’s best combo option into a level 2 shinkuu hadouken

before I switched to C groove my BnB was crossover to cr lp x2 cr mk xx shinkuu hadouken

however when canceling a level to the second shinkuu hadouken wont combo…to my knowledge

should I just keep it simple (crossover to a cr jab to cr fierce xx super) or is there a trick to landing the above combo