Ryu's best pokes?

What’re Ryu’s best pokes? All I ever use is Crouching :mk:

cr. lk is very quick; used for cr.lk x cr.lk xx SA1/2; also good for mix up patterns (e.g. cr.lk -> kara throw; cr. lk [pause] cr. lk x cr.lk xx SA1/2; cr.lk -> Dash back -> punish)

s. mp is okay at stoping dashes
cr. mp beats out a good number of low pokes.

sc. mk is great for hit-confirming
far mk can beat out some low pokes cleanly

sc. fp is good; does good stun/damage; heavy punisher for people that low parry
far fp x s.rh is good for basic anti-air; not much use aside from that

Ah thanks, now I can get my Ryu back to par.