Ryu's Best RC's



Anyone got a list of the moves that are best to RC with Ryu?

His Srk becomes an even deadlier anti-air and his Fireball gains a bit more ‘safebness’ but still has some vulnerability time.

Anyone out there with any knowlegdge on this?


I think rc’ing his dp would be almost useless.

I think a better question would be to ask when to RC his moves.


When should you RC his moves?


Well, there really nothing to RC with Ryu. Roll canceling Hadoukens is useless, unless you wanna show off, of course. Roll canceling shoryukens is the same almost as doing them without RC. THere is relly nothing to roll cancel with Ryu. I use Ryu, Terry, Ken C-groove and I don’t cancel anything with Ryu. With Ken there are more moves that can be roll canceled. With Terry is even better to roll cancel.


Any tips on how to kill an annyoing Cammy?

of a damn Sagat?

kill them with Ryu, of course…



RC his srk only , and hurricane, sparringly when u want a surprise attack, and haduken sparingly, this is hard, but funny ,

1.go right in front of ur opponent
2.go RC-haduken
3.he will sweep usually, he gets pissed.


That’s just not very good… if you manage to get right in front of your opponent it’s because you are pressuring him and he will most likely block (expect something like a jab) or try to throw you. If you rc a fireball RIGHT in front of your opponent you can be thrown out of it, or if they block, punished afterwards…


I assumed he meant to RC Hadouken in sweep range(he did say they will most likely miss a sweep)…which is the most effective time to RC Fireball. More specifically Ryu should get in C.Fierce/C/S.roundhouse range for a RC hadouken…that shiet works well but be careful because if your opponent happens to jump at the right time its all over…

I noticed that RC Hurricane is actually very very good. I use the roundhouse version to counter RC’s and projectiles. The Short version is good for mind games and to get close.

Ryumexicano: Killing Cammy with Ryu?? Heh to be honest I;ve always considered Ryu to be sort of a counter character to her.


that should only be attempted for fun, it’s hard to pull off, and it’s really stupid.


I can’t seem to RC yet but from what I’ve watched and talked to people about, RCing is not really neccessary with Ryu.



rc red hadokens on c.fp friendly peeps nuff said. You could just dp them too though.