Ryu's best SA?

Which SA is the best SA in everyone’s opinion? Just seeing what others think.


I use the Shoryuken one… I think it da best…

Shinkuu is Ryu best super art. It has two bars, that make it the perfect choice for ex. Can be link/cancel/hit confirm from a lot of Ryu’s special/normal and deals decent damage.

Haha… I like how you say that, yet your av and title scream Denjin!!!

I play Denjin because it fits better my play style than the others two SA, not because is better.

Ryu is like the only character where you can use all 3 SAs. (Well maybe Hugo).
I use All of them.
I use SA2 on Q
I use SA1 on characters that play safe (EX Hadouken)
I really like playing Denjin though… its fun, and it pisses people off

No worries, I’m just joking around. When I fool around w/ Ryu, I usually choose Denjin too… it’s just too fun setting up the mind games on corner wake-ups w/ Denjin ready to hit 'em at any moment.

I haven’t really tried using SA1 yet… my friends always go for ShinSho, but I’m not a big fan of losing the EX availability, esp. on such a long bar… but to each their own.

I agree SA1 is the best all around, but Shin Shoryuken is IMO one of the coolest supers in the game, and Denjin is one of the funniest and most annoying. But yeah Ryu has some good EX moves, and combos involving them, and the actual super is good too, and easy to hit confirm.

I’m not generally a big fan of Ryu, but I do think Denjin is one of the most interesting (or even the most interesting) supers in the game. SAI is probably better, but for me, Ryu is only worth playing for SAIII.

ShinSho + Denjin

I use both actually. Depending on my mood more so than anything. The stun is sweet on Denjin, and if you play your matches right, sometimes you can get two in one round. The whole unblockable thing puts that bugin peoples minds and it makes them fear it. They know they have to parry it and they dont know when it’s coming. I like comboing it after a regular fireball when someone blocks, because it forces them to red parry the denjin (most people anyway).

The ShinSho is another great super. Just like the denjin, it inspires fear in your opponents. No one wants to get hit by this, because they all know it hurts like hell. You can watch as your opponent usually tries to beat you down before you can get bar, beacuse the pace of the match will turn in your favor when you do. Everyone fears a Ryu with a full SAII bar, as well they should.

Honestly i dont care for SAI. It’s got bars, but i dont rely on EX moves to beat people. EX fireballs are nice, but you can do without them. EX Joudans are better and own people jumping on you (Parry ~> EX Joudan ~> Whatever). The overall feel of this SA is weak. I dont care for the damage either. It’s argubly his best because it has “two bars”. That’s about it. It gives him a lot more versatility, but longer combos = chance to mess up. I’m fine with just jump-in FP, FP ~> FK Tatsu. That’s like 50+ dmg, lol.

Just use what suits your play style. That’s all i can say.


If Ryu didn’y have great EX’s, then I would maybe SA2/SA3 all the time, But his EX 's are good well hadoken and side kick.

Also SA1 dishes out alrght damage BUT it PISSES me off when I do a srk by accident into a SA1 and the whole SA1 will miss.
At least with SA2 that will conect and with SA3 just hold the button as soon as you see it is activated

you don’t have to worry about that happening vs. Makoto. she’ll get hit by the Shoryuken and get smacked by all 5 hits of Shinkuu as well :tup:.


…I guess you’re not aware of it, but their jump gets reset if you parry their air attack, and EX Joudan is so slow that they could probably parry it in return. Actually they’d probably already be on the ground before it connects.

Not if you use fierce Shoryu. The whole super misses in that case.

As for the topic… I feel Ryu’s best super varies depending on which character you’re facing. A Q player supered through my Denjin last night and I know other characters have ways to get around it too, so in that case I’d go with SA1 for those matchups. SA2 doesn’t really complement Ryu’s normal tools because his BnB combos do relatively high damage so having a super that does 60% health doesn’t seem that necessary. The meter and versatility of SA1 or the free combo that Denjin gives are a lot more useful and complement what he already has, in my totally useless opinion. Plus Denjin + follow-up combo is (somewhat) comparable in damage and doesn’t have the same level of risk as doing SA2. Saving all that meter just to miss the super isn’t a pretty situation.

Not really. If they are attacking you from the air, and you’re on the ground, you blocking their attack dosent reset their jump. They have to complete the recovery frame animations so you have ample time to do an EX Joudan or whatever you want. The move isnt really that slow. The only downside to using this is that it takes execution and there is a chance to miss free damage. Also, the timing for punishing dive kicks (the twins, Akuma) is a bit different but can be done. You just have to parry ASAP and finish the motion. Using Negative Edge is easier sometimes for this i find. Besides, If you can combo it on the ground, it’s not that slow.

Their jump resets if they jump in on you and they parry your attack, if that’s what you mean. I use this parry/counter pretty often and i dont really have many problems with it other than chasing them after the Joudan.

i just wish ryu had 2 stocks of denjin like 2nd impact…god tier, well almost lol!!!