Ryu's biggest meterless combo? v2012

ryu’s biggest meterless combo? i have jump in hp or hk, cl.hk link to cr.Hp, then tatsu = 366

i haven’t touched the 4 series since super, but reading the patch notes i can’t see how it wouldn’t still be level 3 focus, solar plexus, low fierce xx fierce shoryu

lvl 3, solar plexus, low fierce xx fierce shoryu does 379 damage and 540 stun.

I got better than that: lvl 3, solar plexus, c.mp. c.hp xx Srk does 396 damage and 570 stun.

But its character specific.

ah true. does that work out of the corner?

Yes but it dosent work on many character

mid screen : lvl3 6hp stmk hado cancel st hp shoryu hp.
This is the the best combo for saving/stun. Plus, the link of st mk after 6hp is easier than 2hp :slight_smile:

Damage : 432
Stun : 590

Nice combo never tought about it.

Lvl3, solar plexus, c.hp xx fb FADC, c.hp xx Srk ( srk fully connecting) does
434 damage and 660 stun !
Work on : Honda, Bison, Yun, Yang, Chun-li and Dee Jay.

Changing for st.hp still does the same.

keep them coming guys…get in da lab!

Doesnt that use meter ?

do you guys know what characters cl.hk into c.mp/hp work on?

This a list I had from Super, perhaps some stuff change in 2012.

** Focus lvl 3 , St.hk, c.hp xx tatsu **









[FONT=Trebuchet MS]**Focus lvl 3 , St.hk, c.mp xx tatsu **

Balrog ( hk and ex)
Yang (hk and ex)
Yun (hk and ex)
T.hawk ( hk and ex)
Vegas ( hk and ex)
Guy ( hk and ex)
Chun li ( all versions)
Viper ( use c.mp xx fb)
Bison ( use cmp xx fb or c.mp xx ex tatsu)

i don’t remember the exact damage but on some characters who are standing you can do focus, c.mp, c.mp, s.mp, h tatsu.

Ive never try that combo if somebody has the character specific list it would be interesting to know.
It seem it woulnt matter if they are standing or not since you start with a Focus ?

In the corner vs Sagat/Seth, this should give good damage (requires zero meter!!!):

not sure how much damage it does. We could try sps, c.mp, c.fp, lp srk, Ultra 1 but I’ve never tried this myself.

I can’t remember the exact figure as I’m currently not at home, but I think it was like 388 damage.

j.hp, cl.hk, hp dp.

The link from cl.hk to hp dp is quite strict on timing (IIRC, its a 2f link).

The other is as the OP said, j.hp, cl.hk, cr.hp, hk tatsu (366 damge, 700 stun - character specific and can be done anywhere on screen. Honda, Dudley, Gouken, Hakan, Cody, Dhalsim, Elf, Blanka and Gief)

From what I remember Gouken, Honda, Sagat cr HP works.

rashed: That was from Vanilla. It works but its hard as shit to do since the recovery if lp dp was increased. Combo does 487 dmg

I was trying this yesterday:

j.hp, c.mp, c.fp xx lp.dp >> ultra 1 on landing. I wasnt able to pull this off a single time! I dont even know if this is viable anymore . If the recovery was increased then it might not be possible. Have you managed to land this in AE 2012? if so, which character did you try it on? 487 meterless combo! thats amazing.

It’s just timing that’s all. I think I did it on sagat. This combo I think is character specific but take away the cr mp and it will work on everyone.

yeah i think that combo is sagat only lol. I can’t do it on anyone else but him.

yeah that only works on sagat now but still useful against him.