Ryu's fake fireball.

What’s the point of this move?

To fake out people with mechanical reaction towards fireball traps so that Ryu can keep the advantage since the opponent can’t screw up his trap timing.

to hit people when they across the screen…

Lol. They are gonna roast you.

Its to trick you into acting as if a fireball was coming. IIRC the “fake fireballs” usually have faster recovery time and it puts you in a position to trip them up.

For instance, if you have a habit of trying to jump in with a short everytime I throw a fireball, I can throw a fake one . .cause you to jump and then tag you in the air with an anti-air or something. In theory anyway.

jump in hk, c. mk, fake fireball, walk in throw.

corner a person, fake, fake, real, fake, real, fake, walk in throw or let them jump in for srk.

it’s pretty useful once you actually see it in action.

Ryu sounds like a bully. lol

can the use of the fake fireball be any more obvious? closing this silly thread