Ryu's Fandom Couple

Well,i’m a big fan of Ryu and his fandom lovestories…but i want to make a story about a fight between Chun Li and Ingrid…

But I want their opinions of which woman is best for Ryu…

The Fanfic will be in spanish,and it will be in my blog.

see ya

Voted for Chun-Li of course as anyone who knows me could of guessed lol!

Ingrid’s kind of new to pair her off with Ryu like that. Could be interesting of course. There’s some Ryu / Sakura fans out there though, along with Ryu and Gouken’s daughter.

Lucky for me I can read Spanish so hook us up with a link when you are done! :lovin:

I vote no one because I find any relationship with Ryu hardly believable at all.

Ingrid of ALL choices would never work even work btw.

No Ken? :lol:

Ken’s married no?