Ryu's Legacy


hope you guys like it


Wow, that is just awesome, I like the lightning effects. Nice work!


thanks champ


Never knew Ryu wore cargo pants.


Cargo pants, LOL. That picture is off the hook, man. That should’ve been his alternate costume right there. Why does it look so real?! It’s like a teaser poster for the next movie!


US Ryu?
Good FX


lol i know right , but you have to say ryu does not look jap in any game

and btw its a photo manipulation of a normal person posing


lol didn’t know he was american either.


Nice Job :tup:


haha nice pants! :stuck_out_tongue: other than that, great lightning effects !


man that ryu is pimp

neat stuff


Thanks guys :smiley:


Damn that pic look good.I especially like the lightning effects on his arm.Great job & keep them coming


Why’s he wearing cargo pants?


That gi gets dirty as hell with all that walkin’ mang. Ken dropped him some Dickies and now he swears by 'em. :cool:


Esta buena la pic esa