Ryus lp -> lp -> mp link

I cant seem to get it down right at all. It’ll work mostly at random when I do the same input motions; and overall it feels uncomfortable when im trying to time it in a match.

Does anyone have any tips motion wise for getting that link down?

2 frame link, practice practice practice etc.

What do you mean by 2 frame link?

Also thanks for the awesome practicing tip.

don’t be a smart ass, there’s no secret to getting a link down except practicing harder.

Plink or double tap… whichever works better for a 2 frame link.

2 Frame link means you only have 2 frames in which you can input the command. Also there is no secret to getting better at it, just shut up and practice.

He means you have 2 frames(2/60 seconds) to connect the combo

Don’t mind the assholes. Trollin newbs is so '09

If you plink it’s almost impossible to miss.

It’s all about practice though. Go into training mode and do it so many times in a row that you can just “feel” the timing. You’ll learn it just takes time and practice.

Except I’m not trolling, there are no “tricks” to figuring out the timing of this, you just press the 3 buttons in order at specific time intervals.

If he was asking for RSF help, FFF help, etc., I might be a little more descriptive as far as what he should do, but this is pretty straightforward stuff. Sorry for sounding like an ass though.


That thread that I linked you two months ago would have helped if you had read it.

Listen to Starcade, trust me!


I know that. I wasn’t talking about you. I was just trying to give him more info in case he needed it.