Ryu's srk,fadc,ultra on pad (tip)

I see that a lot of other people are having trouble doing this combo reliably on pad too so I’ll share what worked for me.

Go to button config and set L2/Left Trigger to focus attack instead of lk+mk+hk. As ryu, the only move (that I’m aware of) that takes advantage of lk+mk+hk is ex-tatsu which can just as easily be done in the regular way.

You can also press forward+focus, forward, to dash instead of focus, forward, forward.

So instead of having to be a thumb-rockstar pressing square, triangle+circle, forward, forward, ultra, you can just press square, forward+L2, forward, ultra.

On xbox, X, Y+B, forward, forward, ultra…turns into X, forward+LeftTrigger, forward, ultra.

Using this I went from not being able to do this combo at all to doing it too fast and having to slow the ultra input down so that it doesn’t just hit once and then pass underneath.

Hope this helps you guys.

Don’t program a button to use Focus/Throw, its a waste and not worth it.

PS: Unless you program it for Taunt, that shit is hard on the Pad

When you can’t fadc during a combo otherwise and aren’t using a particular button for a certain character I don’t see how it’s a waste.

In my opinion it’s a waste not to reprogram the button if it makes one very useful thing much easier to use and doesn’t really make anything else harder.

doing FADC ultra on pad is easy you just need to slide your thumb from fierce punch to the focus attack. that is, if youre using a fight pad

i cant do anything on the 360 pad. i cant even do ryus ultra on that thing