Ryu's Successor


Here is a story that takes place towards the end of Ryu’s storyline. In true Ryu fashion, Ryu had been missing after he won the latest Street Fighter Tournament. This story tells of the boy with remarkable potential that Ryu bumps into.

I will probably illustrate this manga-style sometime this year.


Location / Time: Tokyo, 5:15 pm.

A cloaked figure walks into town. He travels the sidewalk with his head down, concealed, passing by the ordinary people. A flash of red. His bandanna. It’s Ryu.

He looks exhausted. His lips dry and chapped. Has he come walking from the Tottori Desert? Or maybe some place high and dry like Mount Yari? Whatever the case is, indeed, the man had traveled far.

Ryu turns the curb, by a broken wall of graffiti. It’s loud!

Traffic. Immense traffic. Cars honking. People yelling. But some people… cheering and taking bets.

RYU: “Hm? What seems to be the commotion?”

He looks farther into the street, there’s a crowd. In the middle, our eyes first see a massive fighter (the size of Hugo) and a slim, more ripped fighter.

RYU: “Ah, a street fight.”

There was a time Ryu would stop by to watch the fight, study the fight. But as Ryu’s previous experiences have shown, it only causes trouble. And this was no exception. Ryu simply shrugged his shoulders and continued walking the curb.

But suddenly…

RYU: !!

Something called to Ryu. Some… power. An aura he could feel from far away.

RYU: ((What?! Who is this, power I sense? ))

He turns to look at the crowd, his eyes squinting.

RYU: ((Hmm. The bigger fighter? No. The smaller fighter? No. Indeed I must investigate this further.))

Ryu heads into the crowd with his head ducked low to avoid being recognized.



It’s loud. Blaringly loud. Horns honking and people yelling even louder over the honking.

The two fighters go at it. Ryu situates himself towards the outside of the street-made ring.

The large fighter, a man with a punk hairstyle and muscles the size of a mountain, swings a back hand at the more athletic ripped fighter.

PUNK: ”I’m gunna teach you why you don’t start arguments with me little man!”

The ripped fighter, dressed in MMA style gym clothes, leaps over the giant fist, hops off a spectator’s head and rolls back into the center. A little boy dressed in beat up clothing, watches the fighter leap over him and off the spectator’s head. He’s cheering like crazy.

MMA FIGHTER: “You may be big, but relax, you make up for it by being way too slow!”
PUNK: “I may be slow, but eventually … I WILL CATCH YOU!”

The MMA Fighter rolls under. He dodges more punches.

RYU: “Hm. The Mixed Martial Arts fighter is athletic and quick. But that’ll never work. He’s side stepping…”
BOY: “Right into the power arm!”

The boy finishes Ryu’s sentence. Shocked, Ryu looks over.

The boy doesn’t seem to be looking at him. Unaware of his presence, the boy was merely making the same observation as Ryu. The kid is young, but you can tell this boy has studied fighting. Ryu looks back to the fight.

He side steps again under the power arm. As the giant punk turns, the MMA fighter digs in. WHAM-WHAM-BAM!

Three solid hits to the stomach. He looks up. The punk just smiles. A **massive ** right hook! That sends the MMA Fighter spiraling to the ground.

He’s unconscious.

CROWD MEMBER: "Yeah! YEAH! Kick his ass, go over there and finish him!"
ANOTHER CROWD MEMBER: “Well guess I just lost that bet.”

The Punk **sprints **to the fallen fighter. The ground shakes as he runs. He slams the fighter’s face with downward hammer fists. The ground behind the MMA fighter’s head cracks… The giant punk is denting the ground with the MMA Fighter’s skull. He’s turning into a bloody pulp.

BOY: “No, no! Stop you’ll kill him!”

The boy runs into the fray.

CROWD MEMBER: “Hey what’re you doing stupid kid! You’re gunna get killed!”

The boy runs and bumps into the mountain of a man. He nudges him trying to get his attention. The Punk’s eye slowly turns toward him.

BOY: “Stop it! Get off him. You only won because of your size!”
PUNK: “Why you little shit!”

He turns around with an overhand right coming hurtling down at the boy like a comet.

The boy flinches. The rippling echo of a cloak. The dust from the ground seems to swirl up from the impact.

BOY: “Ahh! …… Wha-?“

The fist is stopped merely inches from the boy’s head. The kid opens his eyes and sees a big red glove.



Ryu stands between the giant and the kid. He holds back the monster’s fist with ease. The giant pushes down harder. Nothing.

PUNK: “Grrr…. Ah!”

He pulls back his fist and looks down at Ryu.

CROWD MEMBER: “Hey, isn’t that the fighter Ryu?”
ANOTHER CROWD MEMBER: “That’s the guy who dropped off the face of the earth after he won the last Street Fighter tournament!”

The boy’s eyes widen.

BOY: ((It’s… It’s Ryu!))


The giant punk stares down Ryu.

PUNK: “Ha ha. I don’t know who the hell you are or what tournaments you’ve won. But I crush fighters like you everyday. I’m from the streets! We don’t have rules.”
RYU: “Which explains why you don’t have a problem attacking a small boy.”

The Punk throws a fast looping punch. Ryu’s eyes grimace, ready for action.

The air swirls around the punch. As the punch comes around at Ryu, we can see some of the spectators’ hair being blown back from the force.

In a flash, in just an instant, Ryu unleashes a punch with energy on his fist that impacts the Punk’s chest.

RYU: “Hou!.. Kazenokobushi!” (Fist of the Wind!)

The Punk hurtles through the air, spinning, crashing through a building. Where he lands nobody knows. It’s in the horizon, far outside the city.

The crowd erupts!

CROWD: WOO! That was amazing.
BOY: Can this be?.. A fully charged focused attack in a mere instant? How does he channel so much power? … Inspiring!

Ryu looks around and sees the crowd cheering for him. But he’s learned that public displays of his martial arts seem to attract trouble. You can see his unease, but he deals with it carefully. He decides to leave in the most modest fashion, offering a smile and walking in the other direction.

He picks up his stuff and clears his throat. His lips are dry, cracked. He’s been through a long journey.

He coughs and the boy rushes in front of him

BOY: “Ryu! Ryu! I’m Deojin. I’m your biggest fan. I study you everyday! Please let me get you some water.
RYU: “Hm?”
DEOJIN: “Come on Ryu-sama, it’s easy to see you’re thirsty. Please come to my home. We don’t have much, but my mom can get you something to drink.” (Adding suffix to someone’s name means you think of them greatly, in high regard.)

Ryu stares at the boy. He finds the boy’s youthful, informal mannerisms funny. He smiles.

RYU: “No. I’ll be fine. Thank you.”

Ryu turns to head out on his way.

RYU: “Just make sure to stay off the stree-…… What?!!”

He turns quickly towards the boy. The same presence, the same aura is felt. The boy stands there hoping Ryu will change his mind.

RYU: (( Could this be? Could this boy really be the presence I felt earlier? ))
DEOJIN: “Pleeease?
RYU: “Haha, okay. I’ll take you up on your offer. Just for a quick drink. I’ve traveled far today.”
DEOJIN: “Yes! Yes!”



As Ryu walks with the boy, he realizes that they’re entering a broken down slum. They walk past dirty, grey alleyways. The kid does not live in a good part of town. Pollution. Drunks. Gang members that stare him down as they walk by.

Ryu began to regret his decision. Not because this way might lead to more unsolicited fights. But from the non-stop chatter from the boy.

DEOJIN: Ryu, Ryu! How many hours a day do you train?! How many pairs of karate gis do you have in your bag? Did I mention I’m your biggest fan? Did you really fight M. Bison and Gill before?

Ryu smiles politely and takes the child’s affection as calmly as he can. A million questions racing at him, you can tell by his expression, Ryu is not used to kids.

DEOJIN: How many variations of the Tatsumaki are you working on? What is it like knowing the world tries to track your fights on camera? When’s your next fight with Gouki? Did you finish your training with Oro? Oh, did I mention I’m your biggest fan?!”

Ryu had not been met with such admiration since the days of Sakura following him around.

They finally get to the house.

From the outside, it’s grey. Cracked. Broken. The windows seem to fall apart. A cat wonders out from a trash bin by the side of the house and walks past them.

RYU: “This is where you live?”
DEOJIN: “Yeah, I know… But I’m used to it. Sorry. Maybe one day, I’ll be a strong fighter like you and have a better place to train in.”

Ryu is no stranger to poverty. Yet, the living conditions did worry Ryu for the sake of the boy.

RYU: “No it’s fine. Shall we step inside?”

Inside the house. Deojin opens the door and leads Ryu in. There are no locks on the door, it seems they were broken off a long time ago. Ryu raises and eyebrow, but the boy just walks in like it’s nothing. Ryu turns and sees a woman sleeping on the couch.

DEOJIN: “Shh! That’s my mom. She’s been sick for quite some while. She says she won’t be able to work for much longer, but I know she’s stronger than that.”
RYU: “Oh? I’m very sorry. Let’s let her rest. “
DEOJIN: ”Come on, let’s get some tea.”

In the kitchen. They sit at a small table in the kitchen. The stove is on and the tea is rich.

DEOJIN: “That’s my mom’s special blend. We may be poor, but we really do savor our tea.”

Ryu finishes another cup.

RYU: “Wow. It really is good. I really needed that. Sugoi.” (Sugoi or Suge, means Good or Great)
DEOJIN: “Please, here have some more.”

He pours Ryu another cup. Ryu sips and looks around the room.

RYU: “Deojin, you seem to know so much about me. I noticed there’s no TV here in the house. How did you begin to learn so much about me?”
DEOJIN: “Are you serious? Everyone knows about you! There are magazines about you. I go to the library and have seen all the videos on you. You’re a living legend!”
RYU: “Ah, I see. And also Deojin, don’t say that. That’s not true. I’m no hero.”
DEOJIN: “You are! Even when you’re gone for months and even years, you still seem to inspire the entire fighting world.”

Ryu looks away and reflects for a bit.

RYU: “Sometimes I wonder if fighting for myself is a little selfish. But it is truly what I love to do.”

He finishes his cup.

RYU: “Well it appears I’ve drank so much of your tea. Thank you for the drink, it was very refreshing. I think I’d better be on my way now.”

He gets up from his chair.

DEOJIN: “But Ryu, there were so many questions I wanted to ask you.”

Ryu looks surprised. He slinks back in his chair.

DEOJIN: “About fighting!”
RYU: “Oh?”

The kid bursts into full-attention mode.

DEOJIN: “When you throw a jab, when’s a good time to throw it?”
RYU: “With a jab, you must be quick. Use it to set up other punches or guide the opponent into a throw. Make sure to tuck the elbow in, as to not telegraph your quickest punch.”
DEOJIN: “Suge na! Which is better the Sukotsu Wari (Collarbone Breaker) or the Kyuubi Kudaki (Solar Plexus Strike) ?”
RYU: “You must keep all of them in your arsenal. And gauge the situation for which one is right. Use the collarbone breaker after a feint, to deceive the opponent with the angle of the punch. The Solar Plexus Strike is much more powerful, but slow. Use it when your opponent loses focus or to crush their guard.”
DEOJIN: “Thank you, Ryu-sama!”

He jumps into the next blitzed question.

DEOJIN: “When you go, Ha! Siya!”

He hops out of his chair, and does a light tatsumaki in the kitchen. Ryu laughs and smiles, impressed. Deojin’s mom turns over, nearly waking up from the noise.

DEOJIN: “Oh! When you do the tatsumaki, what’s the best way to land it flush on an opponent?”
RYU: “You must not use it always to land flush. As with any spinning technique, it takes time to generate momentum. Think about learning to do a small one to set up for an attack or throw the enemy does not perceive.”
DEOJIN: “Ohh! Suge. Thank you, thank you Ryu-san! And the next question!”

Ryu laughs again. He hasn’t seen such an animated youngster since Mel.

DEOJIN: “When you do the avoiding angle before a shoryuken, like this Houu!!”

The kid dodges to the side, still sitting in his chair, and does a curved uppercut stance… Ryu’s smile leaves his face, as he realizes the large potential within the boy.The kid has noticed something that Ryu hides in the technique.

RYU: “You noticed the dodging angle before I do the shoryuken?”
DEOJIN: “Of course! Haha. I’ve seen all your videos! Anyway when you achieve that chance for an opening, do you do the uppercut with a directly upward motion or is the forearm curved?”
RYU: “You turn the back slightly, so that when the arm is delivered in a curved motion, the arm will travel further upward. Your traveling distance will be sacrificed, but this is how easy knockdown power is generated. Do not forget to put as much power into the legs leaping up as the arm that is striking.”
DEOJIN: “Oh thank you Ryu-sama, Thank you!”
RYU: “Deojin, when I walked into that fight today, there is no doubt in me that there was a purpose for me doing so. I see a potential in you like none other.”

Deojin can’t believe the compliment he’s getting. A dream come true.

RYU: “Stand and rise. I must leave here soon. But I’ve already decided to impart you with a small lesson before I go. Your strength in knowledge must be rewarded.”

Without hesitation, even a word, Deojin rises to his feet. He looks nervous. One would expect him to jump for joy or yell in excitement. He sees this as a once in a lifetime opportunity and takes it very seriously.

RYU: “Like this.”

Ryu gets in hadouken stance.

DEOJIN: (( It’s happening. He is…! He is teaching me the Ha-Dou-Ken! ))

RYU: “Focus, Deojin. Bend the arms like this. Be fast in guiding your arms to this stance, but drop all tension in the shoulders while gathering your energy.”

Deojin moves his arms to the side of his body.

RYU: “Pay attention to the legs. Bend low, ground yourself. Tilt your leg slightly this way. For it is with this stance that you can withstand the power of larger Hadoukens. It is something I’ve had to learn myself. Past Gouken’s teachings. Learn to put power in your legs to allow the upperbody to gather immense ki ”

The boy gets into perfect hadouken stance.

Ryu is shocked. It is in perfect mirror form. Usually there are stance adjustments to be made, but the boy’s coordination is strong. A natural.

RYU: “Good. Now gather the hadou energy itself. Empty your thoughts. Dedicate the moment to only thinking of collecting your energy. Train this until you have felt the ki in your hands. Know this feeling. Remember it and revisit it. Find the pool of energy drawing from within and use it to outwardly defeat all enemies!”

Ryu moves his hands. A ball of intense light appears in his hands. Deojin’s eyes widen.

DEOJIN: ((Is this… a dream? Am I really seeing it with my own eyes? This is the Ha-Dou-Ken. Ryu’s Hadouken! I’m frozen. I can’t move. It’s beautiful and destructive in one sight. I know I must move, but I can’t.))
RYU: “Deojin!”

Ryu diffuses his hadouken and it disappears. He nods his head, gesturing for Deojin to try.

Deojin shakes out of his daze. He puts his hands to the side again. He closes his eyes. In an instant, he transforms his nervous energy into complete focus.

Ryu cannot believe it. He’s assimilated the perfect stance for drawing in the most energy. Was it from the videos that Deojin learned this stance? A few magazine articles studying Ryu? Hours of practice can be seen in the boy’s perfect stance. What is there to be taught?

Deojin breathes out a heavy exhale.

RYU: “Hm?!”

Deojin’s eyes remain closed. A transparent energy forms around him. It guides itself into his hands. The air swelters around his palms and knuckles. Like a hot day with the humid air bending around a surface, so does the ki in Deojin’s little hands.

RYU: (( Subarashii, Deojin, Subarashii. (Very good, Deojin, Amazing.) Indeed this was the presence calling to me today ))

Deojin doesn’t even know the power carried in his two hands.

DEOJIN: “Not sure if this’ll work. But here it goes!”

He throws the hadouken perfectly. Without a prompt by Ryu. Ryu’s eyes widen in amazement.

Ryu simply moves his arm to the side, as if slowly pushing the energy to the side. And in the same motion, he moves his arms into a folded stance. He nods.

RYU: “Incredible, Deojin. Indeed, your potential is unlimited.”

Deojin does a cheeky smile and rubs the back of his head.

DEOJIN: “Heh-heh! I’ve had the best teacher!”

Ryu smiles. But suddenly, Deojin’s mom seems to mumble in her sleep. They both look over.

RYU: “Ah, it has been fun, but it appears I must be on my way. Please remember to take care of your mother.”
DEOJIN: “But Ryu! Don’t go.”



Ryu picks up his things and walks to the door. He takes one look at Deojin’s mom. She’s coughing in her sleep.

She looks sick. Ryu senses that she doesn’t have much time. But he won’t tell the boy.

RYU: “It is unfortunate…”
DEOJIN: “What is it Ryu?”

Ryu waves his arms slowly, building up ki. Easily, a faded energy forms around him. But instead of blue, it’s white. Could this be the”Pure” ki that Ryu had sought out when he left the circuit years ago?

Ryu guides the energy in the form of a small ball of light. It touches Deojin’s mom’s forehead and absorbs into her body. She smiles in her sleep and turns over.

DEOJIN: “Have you healed her? She won’t be sick any more?”
RYU: “Unfortunately not. I cannot say. But I believe she will wake up feeling much better, though it may not last very long.”
RYU: “Here, Deojin. I have something for you.”

Ryu reaches in his bag and pulls out lots of money. Deojin looks confused.

RYU: “I don’t have much lately. But here’s everything I’ve got. Please take this and spend it well.”
DEOJIN: “No, Ryu. I’m not taking any money from !-“

Ryu gives the money to the boy and closes his hand over it.

RYU: “You will need this. Use it to take care of your mom.”

Deojin senses the time with Ryu is coming to a close.

DEOJIN: “Okay Ryu-sensai, I will.”
RYU: “And one more thing for you.”

Ryu reaches in his bag and pulls out his trademark red gloves. Deojin had seen them thousands of times in pictures.

DEOJIN: “Ryu, but- but these are yours! I can’t take that. They don’t even fit me.”

He extends his hand towards the glove, sizing them up. The glove is twice the size of Deojin’s fist.

RYU: “Keep them. And when your hands are the size to fit these gloves, come find me.”



Deojin immediately drops to his knees. He bows. His hands resting on the gloves in Ryu’s hands.

DEOJIN: “Thank you, Ryu-sama. Thank you for everything.”

A tear forms in his closed eyes.

RYU: “Stand tall. Remember to stand tall in victory and defeat. You must remember my words.”

Ryu walks through the door, takes one more look from behind his back.

DEOJIN: “I will make you proud, Ryu! I will show you all I will become.”

Ryu smiles.

RYU: “Good.”

Ryu walks into the street. Back down the alleyway path. Farther away from the house. As he leaves he can hear:

DEOJIN: “Mom, you’re awake now?”
DEOJIN’S MOTHER: “Was there someone I heard you talking to Deo-chan?”
DEOJIN: “You’ll never believe who it was.”

As Ryu travels on the sidewalk, where the fight happened earlier today, with the area looking much cleaner than before, he contemplates:

“ **For years, making my path the way of the fight was easy. It is what my mind and body naturally crave. But after all these years, I begin to wonder if such an endeavor is selfish.

I could use my powers for good. To rid the world of mighty dictators and power-hungry men who seek only to become living gods.**

He thinks about Bison, Seth, and Gill. And of Chun Li and Guile. Whom Ryu respects for their passion to rid the world of evil.
But yet, if I listen to the pounding of my own heart, my passion is only to become stronger. I often wonder if I should spend time towards ridding the world of evil with all the strength possessed in my fist. Today was different. I fully believe I helped plant the seeds of a righteous future. The boy is talented and pure of heart. **

He thinks about Ken, Sean, Mel. And the thought of Deojin mastering the technique from today.
Seeking to inspire others, is merely a bi product of the path I have chosen. New, impressive fighters appear everyday. Perhaps it is who I am inside that has led me here. Perhaps it is who I am that has helped me achieve what I have today. **

As he walks through the streets, Ryu envisions a mountain formed of fighters. Each one a new face, a new force to be wreckoned with. We see Ryu standing atop, trudging up the mountain.
So many answers have I found in the heart of battle. Perhaps this is the path I am destined to wander for a long time… **

Ryu steps into a puddle as he walks the alleyway. In the ripples, we see the memory and echoes of Ryu’s intense past battles.

And yet!… I feel that a final answer is coming soon. More so, it feels as if this answer is approaching me instead. Steadfast, unwavering. Piercing like a beam of light through a haze of unanswered questions. Something new is trying to find me, it calls to me. A power never unlocked before…

He disappears into the wind.




15 Years Later…

Deojin never saw Ryu again after that day.

For the past few years, no one has seen Ryu. Even Ken. Many rumors surround about what happened to Ryu.

Some say he disappeared. Others say he appears sometimes when the wind blows. Some just say that he is probably still intensely training. But all that is for certain, is that his influence lives on in every warrior that is brave enough to enter the Street Fighter tournament.

Deojin raises his hand in victory after an intense battle. He pants, exhausted, yet cheerful. His hand is held high, perfectly fitting the red gloves that Ryu gave him.


The flap of the wind. A flash of red. Deojin opens his hand.

A red headband seems to guide its way into Deojin’s palm.

DEOJIN: “What’s this?”

It’s aged. Slightly torn, but still shines with all the beauty it had on that fateful day. This is Ryu’s.

He puts on the bandanna, ties it with much vigor.

DEOJIN: Maybe it’s not too late to meet you one last time.

Concept Art
Concept art goes here, but I hope to add 1 or more full illustrations for each chapter.



Notes & References

  • Ryu with Cloak - In the beginning of the story, Ryu wears a brown torn up cloak over his gi. It is based on the SF x TK commercial where Ryu unveils himself from a cloak, a live-action SFII Commercial released in Japan in the 90s with Ryu wandering the desert, and the SF II Anime Movie game that game out for Saturn and PSX. In one of the endings, Ryu throws his brown cloak off and charges at Bison. I also imagine RYu would wear this in places of extreme conditions like in the desert or in a blizzard.

  • Ryu initially avoiding the street fight commotion: It’s pretty much explained within the story. But for further clarification, I imagined, from many years of battles, he has learned his power attract evil dictators on the larger scale, but also tends to cause trouble and news about him may help those agencies track him down.

  • Focus Attack - Ryu hits the giant punk with an Instant, fully charged focus attack with ki exploding on the fist. It appears like this in a game called Capcom All Stars.

  • Kaze no Kobushi - The Focus Attack we see in SF4 is based on the epic “Ryu Final” Manga. It’s the final technique called “kaze no ken,” another translation of “fist of the wind.”

  • Feeling a Presence through the Crowd: Reference to Dhalsim vs E Honda in the SF II Animated Movie. Dhalsim’s feels a presence through the crowd, someone of larger fight potential, he senses Ryu.

  • Deojin’s Sick Mother: Another reference to the well-done SF II Animated Movie: Sick mother in India appears in one scene that Ryu helps.

  • Jab Advice: Reference to how jabs can be used to set up tick throws or other combos in the game.

  • Collarbone Breaker / Solar Plexus Strike: References these Unique Moves from the game. The way Ryu teaches him how to use it is commensurate with the way a player will use f.MP, to hit the opponent with an awkward angle which they can only block from one direction. The Solar Plexus Strike words of wisdom are more of a reference of how it drains a lot of energy from the opponent’s health, hits twice, and the downfall is it being very slow. The Solar plexus strike can go through some focus attacks. Im informed.

  • Light Tatsumaki Words of Wisdom - In the game, a lk tatsu is good for tick throws. It’s explained much more wisely by Ryu.

  • Dragon Punch Talk: Reference to how Ryu’s travels more vertically than Ken’s, but has more knockdown power.

  • Ryu getting money from his bag and giving it to Deojin: SF II Animated Movie: Ryu gives money to a little girl in India so she can buy milk for her mother.

  • Slight Morality Issue: The final speech is to make the reader wonder. With all that power Ryu has, wouldn’t the world be a safer place if Ryu focused his time more to ridding the world of dictators and other evil despots? But Ryu realizes it is because of his nature and love of fighting that he has become so strong in the first place. He is so impossibly powerful, because he has spent more time honing his fist, instead of fighting crime.

  • Mention of Mel: I envision Deojin becoming the rival of Mel. Overall the story of Deojin is to have a “figurative” successor to Ryu, without him having to have a biological son (that just seems out of character) like Ken does.

  • Ryu mentioning New fighters born everyday: Is a reference to MMA fighting today. MMA and prizefighting is at an all time high these days. Just when you’ve found a champion, another fighter comes out of the wood work that beats them. As with any sport or hobby, there will be new faces who change the game and break old records.

  • Last speech, Ryu approaching a final Answer: In the last part, Ryu mentions a new power trying to find him. This is a reference to an idea I had for a separate fanfic. Of Ryu final achieving his potential. And finding a power that is: not evil incarnate (satsui no hadou,) not just the power of nothingness (“Power of Mu” / Gouken,) but something that opposes and counters the satsui no hadou. A new power that is “Pure.” There are hints to that in Ryu giving Deojin ‘s mom some ki.

  • Bandanna Reference and Gloves: “Come find me.” Are all references to the epic SFIII Ryu Final manga.

  • Alternate Dialogue: "I’ve collected your writings, your teachings, your scrolls, and kept the memory of you alive. But this is a finding like none other. Maybe it’s not to late… to meet you one last time.

  • Alternate Ending Scene: The bandanna flies into Deojin’s hand right before he fights Mel in a match officiated by Ken and Sean.