Ryu's worst match

What do you guys think is Ryu’s worst matchup? I’ve had minimal experience against Elena and I couldn’t do shit against a solidly played Elena. Her fucking kicks outpoke the hell out of you and I couldn’t rush down at all. With at least Chun I can get into a rhythm and make her fight on Ryu’s time, then rush down and lock down.

I’d guess Elena and Chun are his weakest. I think Ryu’s good enough to have relatively even odds against everyone, whether that’s true or not, heheh.

In general:
Dudley = outzoned
Tweleve = if I ever play a good 12, I’ll let you know
Sean = ha
Ken = even, some adv to Ken
Akuma = ?
Makoto = ?
Q = ?
Hugo = ?
Alex = ?
Yun = ?
Yang = ?


Dudley = outzoned? explain please

s.RH is the zoner against Duds. It’s not the be-all-end-all like the guide seems to claim, but it keeps him away. It out-prioritizes many of his pokes, he can’t get around it easy on a jump, and it’s hard to parry when you mix up the timing. Good Duds always have trouble moving in on my Ryu at least.

Elena and Chun are both a pain. But a solid denjin setup really changes the game if you can get the dizzy.

I also find Hugo to be a pain. :xeye:

Oh ok I thought you say Dudley outzone Ryu, my mistake

Hugo? Really? Anything specific about how he fucks you over – I don’t get to play any serious Hugos.

Hugo just takes damage so well. Qcb jab has a lot of priority and you really can’t do to much to him when you knock him down when he has super. Spd also hurt a lot, the thing is I probably do not get to play against Hugo enough to be a little more comfortable against him.

I still think Chun is probably the worst mathcup with Elena being right there with Chun.

Also Q is a pain since his sa1 builds so fast and it goes through denjin and he has such a long stun bar. Once he get’s 3 taunts in than Ryu is in deep shit since it’s a pain to fight a good Q.

Combofiend plays good with Elana

hugo is such an easy fight for ryu… just keep your distance and do random sweep and c.mk… hugo’s pokes are way to slow to give you trouble if you stay just outside of range
if he does too much random clap then just ex fb him randomly or wait for clap to finish and sweep
if he blk too much then dash in and throw his ass
if he ever whiff a c.mk you can counter with c.mk -> anything or sweep
he can’t jump in on you once you have super… even w/o super it’s hard for him to jump in since you have so many options and his jump is so damn slow

after knocking hugo down you can jump back and rh once he gets up
or a lot of times if you’re right next to him you can jump up, land and throw

worst matchup is Chun imo. She has better pokes and her SAII goes through fireballs and can mess up some denjin setups. I can only deal with her by karathrowing a lot and mixing his kara for l.mkxxwhateverxxdenjin. Good Akuma’s players can be tough too if they know their game.

Fighting a turtling Chun is simply the worst ever, getting a knockdown to actually rush her down is a bitch. Can’t get in the ground, c.MK>SA2 hurts too much. Can’t really get in jumping without parrying, hp+ b.HP hurt as well. With Chun, you gotta treat that bitch like a whore once you do knock her down, be relentless and smack the shit outta her~. Also if you think she’s trying to get smart on her wakeup with a wakeup super, remind her ass of the start up frames by short short-ing her out of into SA1.

hmm, i like ryu alot

urien - … just hard match overall, but spamming ex’s keep him from ruining your face
alex - ehh … i dunno, i’d say its even
yang - ex mantis can ruin you, but shinsho ends that match real fast
yun - like … ex yang … harder then yang, but still shinsho gives you a good change
necro - ugh… harder , but i find kara throw + ex fireballs keep him from teaching you how to stunt
ken - maybe one of my favourite matches, one is power one is speed. personaly i prefer power to speed. id say even
twelve … too weak, ryu can do the same damage in like, 2 hits then twelve could do in twelve. good twelve would still be at a disavantage i’d say
elena - learn to always parry twice or more, and you win
sean - he does have hoop dreams, but still no problem. ryu got game
hugo - ehh … power vs huge power … is kinda anoying. sa1 keeps him in his place i find. ryu can teach any character to stunt if you ask me
chun li - probely the most anoying match ever. this match … is really hard, but still possible
diddy - i find all his normals beat ryus, which makes it about anoying. but none the less i think its an even match
q - even match, a good q (like me) knows how to stunt
akuma - shinsho > akuma
remy - i just find remy the hardest character in the game to play against, in general
makoto - ehh, hard. but both characters know how to stunt. i’d say close match

i can’t think of the other characters in the game, oh well

there are not alot of good hugos but hugos j.fp can annoy any character in the game cuz of its unexpecting reach… i swear i’ll jump around with fp and pop from half screen distance… what it is it will hit ur hit box if u whiff like jabs or something from far away not thinking the fp is gonna hit u… and its an anti dash move… like vs remy when he throws a fireball from full screen u jump forward with fp and if he dashes after his fireball he gets popped in the face… the same with ryu… still a hard match though

Ryu’s worst matchup is Chun Li. There is no arguement about it. I hate Chun Li. Takes no CQ at all.

best thing to do vs chun… is to watch distance the moment she’s in MY range I super jump with a Xup/hurricane kick then dash in and pressure her with kara throws

The thing is she will never be in your range, c.mk, st.hp, c.hk have insane priority and range so she will out poke you until she got SAII ready.

The way I play Ryu vs. Chun is I rush her down from the beginning of the match taking lots of risk so I can get close and then try to knock her down and start my high and low game.

the range for a super jump xup h.kick is out side of ur fp range so she won’t expect it if u play ur games right

you arent ever supposed to jump

and you can’t zone chun li so that she’s in your range and your’e outside hers because her range is further than yours

Again Chun-Li, you pretty much turtle like it’s hot until you have Denjin, and then force her to eat Denjin.

Only problem is her super goes through it so you have to really be careful with setups. And a smart Chun knows your denjin setups so when you have bar even more defensive than before.