Ryus worst matchups



I know of Hibiki, but are there any other characters that give the him trouble? Cammy, Vega, Blanka, Haohmaru, maybe?


KEN !!!


Well, it actually depends on the groove u take and how u use him, and I reccomend offense with Ryu. if u take K groove, ul have no problem with any1


nah K groove helps but Blanka and Sagat still outrange him so much it doesn’t even matter. I stopped using K Ryu because I got sick of those 2 always beating me


Depends a bit… Sometimes Ryu has to initiate attack, sometimes he has to counter attack.

For me the hardest match up is K- Yamazaki. His st.HK outpokes anything (besides fireball) that ryu can throw out. And if god forbid he’s raging, Ryu better stay the hell away from the air.

If Yama does wiff a st.HK a cr.MK or f.HP should do the trick, buy watch out for those tick throws.

Ken has a similar advantage over Ryu, again, it comes down to turtling until Ken makes the f.HK move, then using cr.MK to begin to apply pressure.


True Power

I think Ryu is Dominent when it comes to anyone if you use him offencively (Capcom Groove), but the one to give him his best challenge would be Ken, he has very good counters and excellent speed. But still if you use the Shinku Shoryuken with good timing he can beat anyone!


Shinku Shoryuken is roughly translated into
Super Dragon Punch and Ryu means Dragon…

-Once Again, the Cloud Rises


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shinku is vacuum, but i thought it was shin shoryuken, not shinku shoryuken


ima a good candidate to answer this k-ryu question…gosh, i stopped using the fucker because there is a range ryu gets at that is just so hazardous that it makes him a pain to use IMO.

right outside of sweep range is where k-ryu gets his ass whooped. sagat does him VERY dirty from that range, and blanka and cammy do dirty enough. your JD’ing skills have to be exceptionally good to get out of those situations because really…the only option k-ryu has at that range is to jump and try and JD his way out when he gets cornered at that range


yeah thats why I was K groove so u can JD. if u want to master JD. u have to make the guy attack u when u want to.

actually the JD actually gives every character an edge. and u have run.


i dun think u understand…ryu cornered right outside of sweep range is basically hopeless against sagat…and it isn’t good against blanka either, especially if blanka has low jump (straight up low jump claw).


ryu’s standing fierce has more range than his sweep. Sweep is just safer cuz you can cancel into fireball or HK.


kim is a bad matchup for ryu


Sagat owns Ryu…


Hey wait a minute… That’s not true. :lol:

Would you do c.LK x 4, sweep xx fireball against a raged Cammy? far s.HP is infinitely safer. (does just as good damage/guard crush/counter hit potential too)


I would use HK instead of FB against a raged cammy, no s. fp. Not to mention I wouldn’t do it twice. The fireball is for scrub lockdown and also to build meter when your opponent doesn’t have his.

Besides, this was in response to ryu being zoned by Sagat, too far to connect a sweep in the first place.