S.a 2 rocks ass!

it come sout in one friggin frame !

and theres about a jizzilion ways to land it

it owns againts like yun (or any otehr char with shiity stamina)

ide neevr sue it againts liek urien

but an unblockabel super that comes out in one frame and a char that walks fast(i think she might ahve the fastest walk speed in teh game?)

also anotehr thing i have noticed

the lp fireball move where she sides on the ground and snaps yoru neck

yeah, that move done at the right distnace will end up having huge ass block advantage

on bigger chars you can do… point blank standing jab,standing jab,crouching lk cancle into the neck snapper

and if they block you have at least plus 2 frame advantage

i tryed reversing this with ex agies and you can block(ex agies = one frame start up)

infact you can even jump away from gigas after its block(obviosly gigas=2 frame start up)

you can pretty much get any char in an infinet loop of this and only wat out is parry or super

on smaller chars like yun

you can do close standing jab,crouching jab ,croching mp cancled into lp neck snapper

same kinda shit as teh first one the distnace is perfect !

you end up with mega frame advanatage

i just started playing with ibuki like 3 days ago

but i imagine after time i wont need to do this chain to end up with teh right spacing

and then you can just do the lp neck snapper at the right distnace on its own and end up with mega frame aadvantage!

does anyone els edo this

and if not, why?

is teh neck snapper move really easy to parry for most on reaction?

or did you just not knwo about this awesome strat?


MAX, you gotta ease up on the typos, man. other people will develop aneurysms reading your posts :lol:.


they’re not typos.

I’m hoping you’re joking.

Jumping fierce. Oh, and Jumping Jab into Jumping fierce. That’s it.

It’s a grab super.

Please tell me you’re joking. Please.


by “a jizzzilion ways to land it” i ment that ther are alot of ways to set it up

off like her chains and daggers and slide (im gona make a list or something later)

not ways you can combo into the super

and i know its a grab super thats why its unblockable

with all block advantage most of ibukis moves give her and her insane walk speed you have some serios problems if you cant land this super at least ONCE PER ROUND againts a char like ken or chun

hhe how could you not land a super thats comes out in one frame and is unblockable and CANNOT be jumped out of after its done!

(that very fact is a huge advatage cuase whenever you get close to someone they just hold up or up back instead of down back to escape)

hehe and dont say cuase it has no range!

its not like ibuki has any trouble whatsover getting in close to an apponent

the ony chars i would’nt use this on are urien hugo alex and q

Youroi-Doushi is by far Ibuki’s worst super art EVER. why couldn’t they have trashed that and left in Hashin-Shou.

First of all you have to be POINT BLANK to get it off.

Second, for it do do any damage worth your time(read: charging the meter the whole first round to pull it off in the second) you have to combo into it giving it anywhere from a nice 5% to 25 or 30% damage reduction.
Excuse me when I say Yawn. You can’t even follow up after it because it just blows the guy away to the other side of the screen I mean wow super usefull or what.

Don’t forget if you think you’ve got it and you whiff be prepared to eat a nice combo followed by a super afterwards.

I’m just going to go ahead and assume you think Ibuki is fast because that what you seem to think. In fact she’s not the fatest nor really all that fast to begin with… lets see… Yun, Yang, Urien’s Dash, Ken, Chun-Li, and Makoto (including her dash) and can shut down Ibuki so easily its not even funny… I’ll include Ryu to because well… Standing Roundhouse has the most disgutsting priority ever.

If YOU are landing this super on ken or chun-li players then good lord I’d love to go down to your arcade and use my one credit to just destroy everyone there all day with my Ibuki.

Any expert or even half way competant player will know that picking Yoroi-Doushi basically eliminated you using ANY ex moves which invariable shuts down about half of ibukis advantages (EX Kazikiri “dragon kick” cancel Kasumi-Suzaku anyone?) not to mention the jab short strong + ex anyhting pretty well.

Sure you can jump in fierce SA2 but the multitude of players will not allow you to do this.

The super art has far too many downsides which i’ll list again in case you didnt catch them.

-If whiffed… your punished bigtime
-no ex moves…no advanced combos and makes your mixup game weaker.
-very easy to see coming
-very easy to avoid
-no one who is not a scrub will let you pull this off

uhh good argument i giues syou make some valid points

but basilly you are argueing taht its not her best super.

i never said it was

heh i said it “rocks ass”

ofcourse in relation to her better supers it well appear to not rock as much ass

but its still rocks ass!

“If whiffed… your punished bigtime”

that can be said about pretty much every super.

good players will punish blocked/whiffed supers like shippu and hoyokesen just as consistanly as they punsih Youroi-Doushi

in somes cases you are actually safer after this super is blocked then you woudl be with ken after a blocked shippu

i dont know thsi for sure but i dont think hugo for example can punish with gigas after its blocked(ile test it tomoro to confirm)


o spoesy but umm that does’nt neccasily mean it will take a"LONG ASS TIME" to build one up.

“very easy to see coming”

by see it coming i assume you mean taht if you use it when predicted then it wont work

and not taht they actaully see you do the super and after they see taht one frame start up grab and quickly jump away

how is it easy to see it coming? realy i dont understand why you exactly mean by this

you must mean that its easy to predict and they will jump out before you even activate the super?

the super is only as easy to predict as the person using it

and umm you can even use the fact that its “easy to see it coming” to your advanatge and not do the super in places where you woudl be in optimum positining to do so(where people such as yoruself think they’ve succefully “seen it coming”)

and just attack while they try to jump away or block whatever they throw out to beat out your super and then do it.

“very easy to avoid”

once done the super canot be jumped out of and any move that can beat(not many) it must be done before the super is even activated.

technicallyi supose its possible to do an e.x upercet or something with ken after the super flash (the uperceut must be done in one frame) any longer and you get grabbed.

do the people at your hardcore arcade input the combos for d.ps faster then the one frame start up of the super?

so no its not easy to avoid at all. after its done its actually quite impossible(beyond human abilty as i know the limits of human ability) to avoid it

only way to “avoid” it is if you PREDICT(lucky guess) its goin to be done and either jump out or use a move that takes you off teh ground.

“no one who is not a scrub will let you pull this off”

will LET you to pull it off?

umm i don not require anyone to LET me do anything

you imply that the only way this super(perhaps some other supers and moves as well?) can be landed is if your opponet either consinecly or subconsciencly DECIDES to ALLOW you to land it

obviosly you feel that this is the only way YOU could ever possibly land it againts anyone who is not a “scrub”

im sorry for you but te facts remain while it is not her best super(i never said it was) it is still a very good super

worthy of use agints chars with low stamina actauly ide have to say againts yun or yang or akuma it is a much better choice then the other two(for me anyway)

like i said earliar it does’nt matter hat the super only has one way to combo into it becuase its unblockable and cannot be jumped out of after it is done.

infact ide rather have it be unbloackle and “un jumpable” then have it have a few more ways to combo into but not have the ONE FRAME START UP.

Against Yun it is probably the easiest to get off actually. Soon as you block a dash punch QCF+ any P you can pull off the SA and pow he gets owned.

The thing is even though Yoroi-Doushi does rock ass and is super powerful with it’s advantages over some other one hit wonders like EX Kishin-Riki and You-Hou, it just doesn’t stack up. Part of ibuki’s strongest game is her EX’s and mix-ups. Unfortunately with Yoroi-Doushi and even Yami-Shigure she loses a difinitive part of her game and one of her biggest strengths. I know Yoroi-Doushi “ROCKS ASS” but what I was trying to prove is that it just isn’t worth using because of it’s faults.

What I mean by “see it coming” is the setups for it the back+MK then OH into SA2 or her best setup for it Jump Fierce then SA2. her bread n butter combo of jab,strong,fierce into SA2. Also Wake up SA2 when someone tries to OH you on the wake up. I mean when it comes to higher level play you aren’t going to be able to jump in or command dash or anything remotely good (unless they screw up in which you capitalize) except for just poking each other constantly. High level play usually ens up being a poking match and then it becomes a poke then super. This also goes hand in hand with someone LETTING you pull off the super. I know that if someone is paking a Yoroi-Doushi I’m not getting anywhere near enough to them for them to nail me with it. I’ll stay back and poke and play a pressure game to make them whiff it then punish. I know it’s a good super. It does “ROCK ASS” but not as much as you think. Kasumi-Suzaku “ROCKS ASS” them ost by far. Especially with its insane chip damage.

when did rocking ass become something positive

I dunno maybe when people decided that the one hit wonder supers were good instead of the comboable ones and the safe ones?

“were good instead of the comboable ones and the safe ones”

for the last time why cant a certain super be good even if there are better supers?

so if ibuki has supers gerneraly considerd to be more usefull then another super that super is atomatically shit?

and as for issues of safety

yoro doshi is safer then both yami shigure and kazumi suzaki

only time its ot safe is if you did it when they were out of range

but then its really not the super that not safe but rather your incompentnce taht puts you in a “dangerous” position.

and as for the one “one hit wonder” comment

why is that a bad thing?

landing ONE super is definetly alot easier then landing two or three of the same super

your chances of landing one super are much higher than landing two

so does it makes sesne to prefare two supers that do no where near the amount of damage.

or one that does the same danage as those two combined?

i really dont see whats so specail about ibukis ex moves

ex daggers only require one parry and the ex hurricane move as good as it may be complety kills any momentum you may have had if its blocked.
from teh matcehs ive seen they dont do much

o wow on average youl land like an ex dagger and maybe an ex huricane kick on somone

the ex moves themselves are very good moves if ofcousre you dont factor in ibukis stamina but doing the damage they do and ibuki taking the damage she does they are’nt really doing as much as they would need to do.

record yoru matches from now on and observe just how much her awesome ex moves are really doing for you.

bottom line is people prefare kuzumi to youro doshi becuase of confidence issues

kusmi suzaki is just easy

i see people just throw it out and feel no worse when its blocked parried or whatverd then they would if it had conected.(myself included)

yorou dushie is hardER to use it forces to deal with teh fact that they may not be as good as they tell themslesv they are.

so inseatd of admiing there own limitations and “flaws” they say the super is limited and flawed

(my oppinion)

one yoro doshi easily takes half of yuns life bar away

how many kasumi suaskus woudl you ahve to get him yto block to get teh same amount of damage?

when was the last time you managed to get land hwoever many taht woudl be required?

and really even if you manage to land a lasuma suaki for the most hist possible while astill aloowing you to land safely and recover

chnaces are you are still no where clsoe to wniing the round

alnding it on most char is nothing more then a nusance(unless they have like 20 points of health left and you chip em to death)

but ide like to see you lose a rtound againts yun or akuma after youv got then with a yorou

how many tims do you tech throw during a mach?

replace any one throw ands that garnbteed yorou

after a low blocked jab (one frime window of escape)

standing jab, super.

jump in dagger, super.

hk hop kick over croucking char super.

low jab hk hop kick(blocked) land super.

mk hop kick do one fireball motion right befroe you land take a step forward do another motion, super.

crouching mideium kick, super.

standing jab ,crouching jab, crouching light kick, lp fireball puase super(after lp fireball you have frame advantage by atleast 2 frames)

so you could do standing lp crouching lp crouching mp lp fireball then after block do a jab and there would only be a one frame window of escape for your oppoent(so basically no escape)

blocked hk hurrican from point blank into super.

cross up medium kick into super.

walk under jump in super.

sldie under jumpin, super.

if you think your oppnet is goin to jump in and parry, super.

if they jump in attack then try to thow you can super.

i only played with ibuki for a week and those some of the ways i came up with landing it (i dont [play with her anymore ofcourse cus shes pretty crappy)

but whateve r hah if you want to subject yoruself to her awesomeness then atleast have an open mind about the godaamn yoruo doshi

if you use it lond enough youl come to a point where you will be lanidng it pretty much every round.

same can be said about yami and kasumi but sadly neither of those super takes off half anyones life.(cept maybe yours from ll the mactches youl end up getting wraped in by ken/yun)

and tahst exatly what you need when you are using such a horribel char who takes damage like a little girl, you dont wnat a super taht does block damage comparable to one urien throw

(as skilled as it may make you sound when later you post on ther internet about this amazing phenomenon)

but you wnat to rape half there life bar and not have them be able to do anything about it but constanly guess cuase they really really dont wnat to have half ther elife bar raped off teh screen.

the super will let you get in alot of “free hits” cuase most chars (yun for example) will not sit there and block or try to throw you when they think theyve “seen it coming” they will just hold up in any direction.

I’m not reading your posts until you learn how to spell and post in a readable format.


Look L.O.R.D. If you’d play Ibuki for more than a week… Try a year and a half like I have. You’d realize that her jab, strong, fierce (usually omitted for damage purposes because smart players will duck the Fierce) chain combo allows her to link pretty well ANYTHING off of it INCLUDING Yoroi-Doushi. I realize Yoroi-Doushi is a good super. The problem is you haven’t played with Ibuki long enough to realize it’s not realible nor is it that great just because it deals lots of damage. If anyhting it is a total Mediocre Ibuki players super. sure you can command dash command flip both characters are at a state of 0 and then pull it off and most people wont see it coming. Here’s the clincher though… I can safely land at least 2 Kasumi-Suzakus a round and they take off 35% health themselves… so lets think about this… 3 stocks of Kasumi… 35% each… 105% stamina damage… Yoroi-Doushi… one stock… 50% Stamina… hmmm even combo’ed Kasumi is better. Also if you whiff and DONT mash Kasumi is perfectly safe… same with Yami-Shigure… actually Yami-Shigure is the most safe and unpredictable of her supers. If you whiff Yoroi-Doushi however… prepare to get the fireball jumped over and to eat a nice combo just taking Ibuki down at least… ohhh 40-50% Stamina.

P.S. She takes damage like a little girl because she is a little girl (She’s 16 dude)

If you’re refering to the grab version, this doesn’t work.


What kind of Yun player throws out dash punches for you to parry? Good luck counting on that.

When u do a couple years in prison my friend… :tdown:

how about trip—>SA3 its faster than DP and any grabs

Yeah, I used to use SA2 Ibuki all the time on the Dreamcast version. When I was a true scrub using a Mad Catz Dream Pad (I think it was called). Freakin mushy ass dpad and buttons. It was like pushing on a dry sponge. Somehow I was able to do stuff on it but I doubt I’d be getting too many TK SA1’s with it. Now I realize Ibuki is worthless without EX so now SA1 is my super of choice. s.MK to EX qcb+K and EX kunais are just too important. Not to mention her EX dp+K since the regular version gets traded or plain beaten out by a lot of meaties on wake up.