s. akuma

i like his upper cut into the chop-down
is there a combo anyone knows going into that?

nevermind i seen the combo list

preciate it…


Hi i’m new and who is your favorite street fighter?:o

Why does Shin Akuma take so much damage but the original Akuma takes a lot less?

s akuma is my fav

i’m best w/ the 360 motion characters if only s akuma had one i’d be set huh…

s akuma takes more damage becuz he dishes out more damage.
akuma takes less damage becuz he dishes out less damage.

off the subject of shins though…and on to evil eoree… how in the hell do you do that flashing across the screen in his v-ism or a groove (same damn thing) on cvs2. is it his uppercut motion really fast or really slow but timed well!!! cuz i got Bison uppercut motion with v-ism pretty well scripted but evil e’s is difficult…

i know this is a long time passed reply but havent been here in a long long long long long time



lp., lp., spin mk., down sk., s. shoryuken, into 360 airgrab, (piledriver of course) akuma start to go up and back, cancel into double fireballs, cancel into chop down… bad akuma bad

Both take alot of damage but Shin Akuma especially, they did that because he deals out alot more damage than the regular characters so it was a way to even it out. I mean the guy has a special that takes there whole life bar, they had to do something.

What’s the verdict on Shin Akuma about using him?

Is he a “fair” character? In other games it seemed that he was just way too freakin’ good and if you used him it was a BS win.

i dunno about this game though… I mean, yeah, his moves kick ass. He’s got that infinite… But DAMN does he die quick. You’ll be lucky to get a meter.

Hrm. Remind me of Red Venom? :slight_smile:

Characters in this game do not “take more damage” than other characters. The reason it seems like it, is because Shin Akuma has less life than regular Akuma. Just like Zangief(15600) has more life than Akuma(12800), so it seems he takes less damage. Every character’s hits deal a set amount of damage regardless of which character they are fighting.

Shin Akuma takes more damage because he fights at full power with a murderous intent, lowering his stamina. Akuma is always Shin Akuma, its just that he doesn’t always fight at maximum power. Akuma usually never intends to kill unless he meets those he feels are worthy opponents.

Read this for more details on Akuma!

Here’s something interesting:

Corner dizzy combo:

Done on kyo:

Jump up foward air fireball, land jump neutral j. mp xxx air fire ball, land jump neutral j. mp air fire ball, land shinkuu gou shoryu

In order to do the 2 reps you have to pretty much land right next to them after the up foward fireball.

If you have no meter you can do a hurricane kick into uppercut.

I should mention this was in k groove and raged but here is the attack values:

End with level 3: 12864
End with hurricane into shoryu: 9392
End with sweep into hurricane into shoryu:10254

and it actually does 110 stun (the last one) O.o

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This is a Shin Akuma forum

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