s\c\d and s\s\d

looking for a little strider insite. s\c\d gives you anti air but it kinda takes away from your zone game. I was thinking about zoning with doom? havent really tried it yet. Strider gets one hit kill on an assist off cable aa if you catch the point character and assist. Thats pretty cheap. I think cable doom is a better duo than sent doom. Cable can deal the damage and doom can trap them so cable can get more meter. I think itll work. s\c\d make some matchups easier that would be really hard for s\s\d like matrix. Also you will be probably starting strider 90% of the time with this team. strider aa is better than cable doom imo.

with s\s\d you get crazy fuckn xups that shouldnt work sometimes. Great zone game. Drones with animals beats magnus for free. You have no AA with this. That means something like clock vs matrix is going to be a fucked up fight. At least for me it is. The other sent can sorta just float above you and you really dont have a much of a choice. Your doom will be countered called all day. Sent is kinda screwed w\o AA. You can really count on the drones for zone when you need meter or feel like building meter w\ strider. Its really hard to fuck up the zone once you get in the right range for it and you know what to do. s\s\d gives pretty decent dhcs in. Call doom low spit check with sent quick dhc into strider. Works really good as a midscreen dhc. If you delay your quick dhc with the last part of the doom rocks you get 2 fast moving projectiles cause of that glitch. When you quick dhc strider in wave orb his shit and that setup is pratically unescapeable. Also flight mode call doom qcf+pp super. If you let sent fly over\xup the point character, when you dhc stider in hell be right next to the point character but on the other side of doom. Like a dhc sandwhich. So if your opponent likes to call their assist while sent is flying you can really fuck them up for free w\ this. 2d sidestep that shit. You get double doom off of that setup too. I think its a quick 40% chip on point and up to soemthing like 70% on the assist plus orb\zone options.

looking for 2 cents from anyone on which of the 2 you think is better. I think s\c\d is good but clock is just too good. I wonder how clock deals with matrix or scrubclops or any other team with cyclops on it.

Well, unless clock’s doing something really miraculous that I haven’t been seeing from him or anyone else who uses that team, I would tend to speculate that the answer is, “he either uses something else or he loses very badly”. Sent/Cyclops is about as solid a counter for clock’s team as you will find between any tournament level teams, and basically any reasonably good player using a decent team that incorporates that pairing somewhere in the rotation is going to tear Sent/Strider/Doom apart something awful. There’s simply no point-and-assist combination that s/s/d has anywhere in the rotation that works against it. As you observed, once Sentinel establishes an air-to-ground attack position there’s just no feasible way for clock’s team to get him out of there except to pray.

Against most matches that don’t involve Sent/Cyclops, Sent/Strider/Doom is probably the more solid team overall. Sentinel is not going to win very many matchups by himself against evenly matched competition with Doom as his only real assist, but there is just enough depth to the team that if there isn’t a Doom-slaying assist and a character who can keep it in your face in front of it on the other team that it’s probably a more solid team overall.

Strider/Doom, by and large, is generally best used as either a counter-team or an early-tourney one-size-fits-all team where you don’t have to think too hard to beat the inferior players you run into early on sometimes as long as your execution is good enough.

I was watching some recent evo shit the other day and I use the same shit clock and kai do. I thought I made up some of those on my own and they already knew about it. I really wanted the props for that shit too. O well I still have some better tricks.

I saw a fight where an s\d player is fighting matrix. It seems to be either clock\kai because of the way they end orbs into doom and reset combos. They go for alot of the same stuff like orb ender shor short launch doom teleport throw orb. Cool combo to see. Anyway, the s\d player built meter with sent. I think it was around 3. He baited the clops assist, doom, low spit check hsf, quick dhc into strider. He caught cyclops who probably had lik 90% life before all this and hit him with reset bomb reorb reset bomb. DONE. After that, strider just did safe zone with orbs. There isnt much you can do there if your assist that wins the game for you goes down. I think thats how they’re doing it in cali. Quick dhc the annoying assists and kill them off of 1 hit. Strider is the new one hit killa.

Kai’s good we almost play the exact same way. thats some weird shit because I’ve never seen him play till yesterday.

This is basic S/D. Never seen Kai play? It’s pretty much just clock and kaising with the S/D as of late.

LOL @ you wanting credit for basic shit Clock was doing 5 years ago.

i ain’t the best at this game, but hopefully what im going to type isn’t a waste.

Clock Vs Matrix

ok we all know that Cyclops beats Doom clean in an assist trade, however if you are calling doom out unsafely then you really need to STOP, cause that is how you r losing him.

First off Strider vs Storm is actually the harder part of the fight. Due to Storms mobility and Speed she can get away from strider if she wants, however she can also get in on him if she wants to aswell. In order to beat her it’s best to start off sentinel on point, Why?, because with strider there is no real safe set up on her besides the dhc from hsf into orbs. Sentinel doesn’t have a really bad fight here. What You need to do is keep storm on the defenesive, when she calls drones, sj out of there, and flight mode back while calling doom, make sure to time it tho that when you call doom he doesn’t eat the drones.
Remember that agianst storm range is your friend, when she has no assist on the ground use s.hp + doom, and then when she jumps to fly, unfly and time either a jump lk into fast fly, or either dash back and s.hp.

Storm has the upper hand in this fight, but it is winnable if you are patient and don’t do anything stupid. wait till storm is about has 1/4 of life, or if your sentinel is dying make her block the spit xx hsf dhc Orbs.

At this point storm is in trouble due to the fact that her fight agianst strider started with him already with orbs on her and Doom chiping awaying. Remember as clockwork once said that trap is just to pin down the oppenent so that you can mix them up. Don’t waste your meters for nothing, break that bitch before she can get away with either jump lk, mk while she blocks, or teleport over her, and do a wiff jap, land c.lk. c.mk.

If you manage to kill her, then get ready for Sentinel/cyclops.

ok here’s the idea, keep sentinel pinned and don’t let him call cyclops safely.

start by throwing the bird xx orbs, so that he HAS to block comming in and can’t call cyclops. Pin him down and Start fucking his ass up.

Becare and don’t get close to him without being safe, the threat of him calling cyclops and getting a 50% fast fly is a risk u can’t take…or can you???

one thing that can keep u in the lead of the fight is to purposely leave gaps in moments when the trap has ended and u are setting up another trap. Why?, simple, MAKE them call cyclops, then either dash back, or teleport behind the fucker and punish that assist.

The hard part of all of this is that eventually you will call doom, and they will call cyclops to punish him. DON’T let it happen, make sure that if you call doom that he is safe, Weither it be from full screen away to thier face.

Hope this might of helped someone…?

Ive been playing s\d just as long if not longer than clockwork. I didnt even say what it was I saw and your calling it basic? I was watching 2k4 which isnt that old and I saw some new shit that they were doing that I just found out myself. I know more about s\d than you ever will.

quit trying to troll threads like your some pro. If you dont have anything to contribute dont post.

I was doing some of those strats before I even know who the fuck clockwork was. Its possible to come up with the same idea around the same time moron. Clockwork lives in the scene so hes going to get the respect\credit for it. Just cause he did it first on tape doesnt mean he created it. He did create alot of useful strategies and tricks to beef up s\d though. I have to give props on that because I do use alot of his better tricks. I think eddie lee was the first person to make it popular and clockwork picked it up. Not sure but if thats the case clock copied eddie so its not clocks shit its eddies shit.

you suck at trolling threads.