S Chun Li ?

i was wondering how efficient other ppl thought of S chun.

im starting to use her instead of yun, scince he cant keep up with top tier.

i dont think shes so bad in S, but i must admit, Her best groove is arguably A or P but i dont think S is that bad, considering how we allways complaine on how she cant do bull without super, and how her level 1 LL is like Uber strong, and she gets infinity amount on a red bar, and on a charge I get a Lev. 3

so tell me your thoughts.

Her best groove is C/N. S-Chun is good, but you must try to charge whenever possible because she is so dangerous with a lvl1. When in red health,she becomes a beast and has a huge comeback factor, I have almost beaten entire teams with her. Plus her c.rh AA becomes c.rh xx super puffball


Heh, this is why I said she has potential if in the right hands. :slight_smile: I’m not saying that it is her best groove just yet but I’ve been thinking ways to make her more formidable in S-Groove.

Chun-Li is obsessed with Level 1’s. S-groove allows you to manually control the charge of her Level 1 supers so charging becomes a No. 1 priority, always in this groove. ShadowKnife’s right. Chun sacrifices alot of offensive momentum for the sake of charging. She practically wants to avoid the face-to-close range position altogether as she is only a threat at that position when she wields a Level 1.

For characters who like to keep out (like Dhalsim & Chang), charging is easy since they are very stationary and like to remain from the Half-to-Full screen distance. But for a close range fighter to charge, they must fight for it. Continuously retreating when in need of charge makes alot their fights very fast paced. Chun-Li has excellent foot speed, a floaty a** jump and half-screen back dash. She is also armed with Dodge and Small Jump so mobility isn’t that much of a problem for her.

At the sacrifice of some of her offense, Chun-Li’s Defensive options increase IMO. She becomes more balanced out (50/50) and can fight the Full to Half-Screen positions a whole lot better (which is where Chun is usually stuck at when fighting good zoning characters like Sagat & Yamazaki or against characters where she would like to keep her distance such as Blanka & Ground-Controlling Shotos)…

-When at Full to Half Screen, it is usually safe for Chun-Li (or any character) to charge. If the opponent has a technique that can hit you, you can Dodge it on reaction and countinue charging (hopefully it’s not a grab -_-). If the opponent turtles, it makes it all the more better for you. Your gaining meter and they’re not 'cause they have to perform actions to charge and it will not be at the accelerated pace of S-Groove’s charge unless it is a fellow S-Groover. And when Chun is charged, she is now even more of a threat at the close-to-half screen range, she’s 15% stronger than she once was and she’s armed with Run, Dodge & Small Jump.

-In this groove, Low Roundhouse xx Kikosho isn’t so much of a waste of meter as in other grooves. It pushes them Full screen distance and she recovers faster that they do. So she can immediately begin charging again and gain 60%-100% meter back. Perfect for retaliation or distance anti-air.

-Ground-wise, Chun-Li can now use her Hoyoukusen defensively. Dodge > (Punch) Counter Attack xx Hoyoukusen =

-Also, charging leads to massive mind games. If the opponent does not stop her from charging, they have to deal with both the Hoyoukusen and Kikosho supers. And when the opponent is constantly trying to stop a very mobile Chun-Li they are vunerable to alot of attacks. She can also play around with her charges to the point where the charge can activate in their face so time wouldn’t be wasted trying to get in.

-Chun-Li WANTS to be in Power Condition (Red Life) so there is really no reason for Chun to exceed a Ratio 1 setting (less HP means she can get in “Red” faster). And since she should always attempt to maintain a Level 1, the 15% increase in damage from being charged makes up the majority of the other 18% a Ratio 1 charater lacks to dealing Ratio 2 damage (James Chen FAQ : R1 does 82% damage & R2 does 100% damage). She temperarely deals out near R2 damage.

-She has Neutral Small Jump Roundhouse for overall uses. :slight_smile:

In this groove, Chunny is like Rolento. She runs away to get charged, but once near charge she can play similar to N-Groove with the exception of Roll. She does lose the RC which is a big asset but she can still fight in this groove pretty good. Instead of Chun going to the opponent, the oppenent is coming to Chun. Very fast pace and lots of mind games due to having to worry about both Dodging & Power Building.

Please debate. What do ya’ll think?

how was i supposed to find it in a N-groove post??:confused:

she becomes bitch goddess in s! seriously, the abilty to charge a super so quick is an asset that really suits her since her level 1 combos are so deadly. personally, i think it’s her second best groove, c being her first.

i do agree that she loses a lot without roll cancel, but the trade is well worth it. the upset factor comes heavily in to play when she’s near death. one or two slip ups and she’ll own that ass. i think that alone warrants considering her a serious threat.

after much time playing a S-chun, i found her more advantaging in A-groove than in S, charging becomes so important, that you stop attacking, now although you get to dodge or block, chun li still has low life, so once shes in red, its all go super madness. But i have been playing S so much now that i realises that its not all that to have infinit level 1’s, for one thing, you begin to depend on them way to much creating a patern that is reconizable by the opponent howm then counters easily in to mucho kil damage, so knowing that, im left with some strong level ones that i shouldnt abuse with a chun li thats about to die anywys because of her low life.

see thats the problem, charging is difficult on rush dow(i dare say impossible) and once shes red, your already done. I’v realised there’s only so much she can do in S, where as in A she would be much more versitile.

so if your going all:“OH YA but she is still kick ass with her level one’s!!!” well guesse what? all you have to do is rush her ass and if you unlucky she will pull a power ball super and then you’l kill her.

in conculsion, some things sound better on paper than in real life, today’s example was S-chun li.

I just wanted to say A-Chun-li sucks. Thank you.

well what ever, i used A-groove as a better groove in my previous post, but im not sure what her best groove is, i think P ?? not sure, any ways, just replace A by P, or C or K or N. the point is S chun = not so kick ass

Why P? Personally I’d rather go w/ C-Chun. Even sans RC, she’s got a VERY powerful asset in Lv2.Canceling. Hoyoukusaken > Lightning Legs > HP > Lv.1 Hoyoukusaken > JC HK. That damage is ridiculous. Also, she can become alot more mobile thanks to Air Guard. She also doesn’t get pummeled by A-Sakura due to the Counter Attack. And A-Chun is decent. She’s got some pretty good CC.

Corner CC. c.LP, close HK (2X_3X), f+MK(2X), Close HK (2X_3X), *(note, you can insert LL anytime here, just know that your next strikes should be MK, f+MK, if you choose to insert LL, or else you will be pushed to far away) *, Repeat this until Meter gets low, then go for Close HP, Hoyoukusaken.

But IMO, C-Chun is the strongest. But I’m also not familiar w/ S-groove. I always thought the loss of a Roll was too major. But when my skills increase I may move on to S-Chun.

no reason for P, i can put C if you want it makes noe frigin diffrence, ill edit my post, my point is that S chun is not that great as it is in theory.
that’s all!!!