s\d vids

peep it

I believe this one is eddie lee but not certain. lots of s\d\capcom, some cable\s\d and cyke\s\d. About an hours worth of s\d.


clockw0rk vids. watch these twice!

http://www.zachd.com/mvc2/requests/clock/ - clockwork archive hosted by preppy. Honestly if you ever see this guy, thank him for hosting so many vids on his site and on dc ++.
[media=youtube]e14z1eRkJ9A[/media] - s\d comeback.
[media=youtube]U0kd2Vpe81o[/media] added 10-24

kaising aka killerkai. kai giving a 101 on how to beat msp and scrubclops. take notes.

[media=youtube]2jHTrjkP6Mk[/media] added 10-24 the bomb reset assit kill is on this video.

these 2 links above (zachd.com) right click and save target as.

edit: SNAKESHOTPEOPLE. pretty good. Lots of things to steal!


alex valle: oldschool as fuck.

[media=youtube]LtRJdF169B0&mode=related&search=[/media] 10-24 alex valle vs duc do

if you want to learn s\d or even learn a few things, I gurantee there is more than enough substance in these videos. You cant help but see something that works.

I’m going to try to update this thread when I can. Check back for more videos if your intrested.

Good shit man.

2 new videos as of 10-24

Do u use Dc++?If so, can i download some strider shit from ya?

yea I use dc++ but all the videos I had, I uploaded onto youtube. Hence all the youtube links.

use the goforbroke hub and look for a guy named preppy. He has TONS of video going all the way back to 2002. hes on most days early in the morning and late @ night.

ok thx

EDIT, SNAKE, that’s me bud, I’ll have another video up soon. And what do you lots of things to steal!!! Haha, it’s all good, that’s what the videos are for. :lol:

I’ll be looking forward to seeing some more stuff from ya.

i stole your photon super into strider orb dhc, then slide with strider then rejump with orbs. I use it everytime now its just too good!!

Haha, damn you! It’s all good. Hopefully the next video I make will give you more material to steal!

Anybody got some Clockw0rk matches from evo 03 or 04?

Okay guys, I just put up a new video. This one is from a while back, I want to put new videos, but I have no time. Hopefully after NEC I will put new recently played matches. But for now, I’ll just give you a couple of things to steal guys :slight_smile:


wow our styles are pretty similar. I have alot of the same setups. I love watching the assist die off of the reset bomb.:lovin:

theres some easier way to bring sent down from flight mode. sj fp on the way up, mash for orbs, when you reach about half sj height, qcf+lk and mash orbs on the way down. This one will bring him down just about everytime.

Nice Work.Thx for putting it up

Always a pleasure guys. Yeah, Sentinel. I just useually activate orbs and double jump back mashing rings. He’ll get cought pretty easy that way as well. I use to have habits of experimenting when winning a match, then I end up losing because I’m fucking around too much (of course not in tourney). As I said earlier, I hopefully after NEC I’ll have up-to-date matches. Anyone else here going to NEC?

LOL Snake, I’m Nehless btw LOL

People check out Preppy’s site. He is currently hosting a bunch of Clock’s vids from way back when.

Edit, snake you are awesome…your Sent/Doom <3

ahh good looking out. I even dl-ed some vids from that site today as a matter of fact.


heres the direct link to it.

Nehless? I’m a little lost right now., help me get back on track.

that’s his name on youtube.