S.forward .... why?

hello masters, i have yet come up with another noob question.

was watching some ken vs ken vids… which i enjoy…

what are the situations/scenarios where s.mk is used?

i.e. c.lk, c.lk, s.mk … why?

also c.lk, c.lk, c.lp

now does that lp register as a down attack or a mid attack? if someone was to block parry… would they aim down?


s.mk keeps em from jumping away, you can catch em with a down parry if they try to retaliate but i doubt you’d catch anyone option parry with that at high level.

Good for stopping dash ins too. Recovery kinda sucks if you whiff it but if placed right it helps you to move towards the opponent and stop a dash in attempt. I also like to do scrubby shit like do s.MK up close and then cancel it into b+MK.

I use it as a follow-up for EX tatsu’s that are too far away for a shoryu.

I’ve fallen for this :arazz:

its also fast compared to his standing HK (one of his 3 ranged non low parry attacks that matter) its better to use s.Mp vs dash ins, s.Mk is better vs jumps.

also they are probably doing c.MP after a c.Lk x2 blocked, cuz if they hit a button it means free shippu :<

^^ Yeah, plus sometimes people expect a Shoryu or something as they are jumping in, but a s.forward can catch them off guard too because it comes out fast like you said.

just remember that blocked s.MK = free combo for your opponent.

so’s a blocked c.MK if they are chun urien (sa1) or ken…

I just use it for poking when I have them in the corner.

I kinda suck with Ken but I like to tick throw after it >_>