S-Groove Combo's


When your life is red and your gauge is at max is it possible to do a Level 3 super combo into a Level 1 Super Combo and if so who can


Honda, Terry, Rugal… Maybe Yun… Kyosuke, Ryo, Kim… I can’t think of any more.


Rock too kind of, Chun Li in the corner and I’ve always wondered if Terry could do a super after the Buster wolf. These also work in N groove too in case anyone wants more practical applications.


you forgot blanka


Geese: deadly rave, raging storm

guile: gambit into sumersault super
or take a hit during your sonic hurricane and you’re free to do whatever, even another sonic hurricane(lvl 3 only, which will only happen in training)

akuma: opponent in corner, lvl 1 fireball super, lvl 1 (tight!)

iori: lvl3 stun super, lvl1 maiden(or charge again and make it a lvl3 lvl3)