S-Groove Morrigan?

Anyone think S-Groove would be helpful for Morrigan?

Anyone play S-Groove Morrigan already? If so, share your tactics!

i believe s morrigan is decent.
for one she is able to run
when your in red you can use the valkyrie super to escape stuff and position yourself infinitely.
her kick dodge cancel has good priority, recovery and RANGE but a sort of slow start
her punch cancel can buffer into super including DI, fireballs, etc. it can be used to anti air if you dodge early, normal s.hp you have to wait till the range is correct for it to come out.
run after dodge will go over low pokes.
you can also add the dodge into your crossup, high/low, throw games

vs shit like hondas headbutt and bisons psychocrusher, you can dodge it and cancel kick and hit them.
her throws give you good clearance to start charging your meter, also slow fireballs will allow you time to charge.
her dp is a decent reverals and wakeup, so she doesnt lack a priority move after a dodge. risky though but use if you know their gonna poke
she can anti air and anti crossup pretty well, and with the dodge she doesnt have to rely on a roll for most situations.

infinite valkyrie turns is LOL.

i like doing them over and over and over again even if i dont gain anything from it.

i WILL BURN ALL 999 SECONDS without doing any damage IF YOU LET ME