S-Groove Rock

Even though it’s considered the worst groove (and it probably is), I still think Rock is great in it- when you get into the “red zone”, so many angles of attack are just shut down, with Raging Storm as many times as you want stopping all jump ins and Shining Knuckle punishing the opponent if they dare to flinch. Rock’s dodge attacks are so-so but he has Run and Low Jump, which we all know are important to Rocks offense and mix ups. Also, when “raged” and after the 360 degrees throw you can land a free Shining Knuckle (or, if you are charged to MAX a Level 3 Shining Knuckle into Level 1 Raging Storm). Unfortunately Rock doesn’t have Roll Cancelling but he honestly doesn’t have a whole lot of uses for it anyways. So, what do you think, and if you play Rock in S-groove what tips do you have?

If you press LP+LK at the same time you become invincible.

Thats a good point.

Another trick is if they do a move with a bit of lag that puts them close to you is dodge into 360 degree throw and juggle. :smiley:

just to let you know, dont’ get ur hopes to high on depending on raging storm for anti air…i thought it was cool too, till a few guys i played , did jd and parry on my raging storm…lvl 1 raging storm only needs to be jd/parried 3 times at max…leaving you very vurnerable if you do it…

please explain. i think you were using a custom groove to get this combo cuz that shit is impossible. the juggle properties have all been used so u cant do that combo unless u can get ur rising storm to hit 11 times.

Uhh, really? I’ll take your word for it- I thought I saw it in a combo video somewhere. Oh well.

EDIT- I’m not sure, maybe it was Deadly Rave Neo, stopped before the finish and comboed into Raging Storm?

that might work…