S groove ryu....

anyone feeling this character in s groove… he’s the ultimate rush down!!!

running jabs
low jump
dodge fp for knock down
running/charge/throw :evil:
turtle ability wen needed
desperation super hurricane kick for mindgames hehe

basically n groove with a couple of more weapons :evil:

I’ve been messing around with S-groove and must say that executing a “desperation” supermove when your health is low and flashing red totally owns, Ryu’s shinshoryuken is the best to use because it does the most damage to a full health meter…kiss it goodbye. :D:lol:

A desperation hurricane and fireball super don’t do much damage at all…:rolleyes:

rush down ryu while in desperation is killer since he has unlimited lvl1s… c. JP, run, c. SP, c. SP, shinku hadouken, low jump RK start all over… also dodge kick, super works good too hehe

he can do hurricane kick trap, then do a lk,lk, super. it works like a charm since most peeps try to hit u after the super. I use lvl3 hurricane kick since its intant and does chipp

He’s really hard to kill in this groove, you can use unlimited lvl 1 SHDKs to keep the opponent away until he charges for a SSRK.:cool:

crossup, c.mp, super kick super.

after that u can do 2 shorts because ur opponent won’t know which way to block after the super so u’ll land alot of supers hehe…

Well i personally dont like s groove. If u got ryu’s life down 2 da flashin then its pretty much ova. If u do the down forward down forward punch special an opponent will just jump or roll under it and throw u n your basically dead. As far as the doging part pokin will out beat it. So i would say ryu is not a good s groove person:bluu:

u think so huh heheh:evil:

s groove takes alot of skill to use… s groove ryu is very hard to kill

HeHe i know so eddie w :cool:

Eddie, you suck, stop playing, you’ll never beat me… Actually that’s a lie he pretty much kicks my ass every time I fight him. Boo to S-Ryu:lame: , that fuckin’ hurricane kick trap is fucked up WTF!!!:wtf: It’s a level 1 super for cryin’ out loud.