S.hk --> EX MGB How? (with stick)

As the title says, I want to know how to combo s.hk into ex mgb.
I’ve just picked up dudley as a character and this seems to be a bnb combo, but I can’t seem to get it to come out no matter what I try.
What’s the secret to this?

press b+hk immediately roll towards and press two punches. THousands of threads with this exact problem, perhaps they’ve fallen off the first page. its a timing thing though, once the kick hits u should have pressed the punches.its pretty easy actually. linking the stuff before the hk, that might be a little more confusing.

Oh I can get the link (2x cr.lp --> s.hk) but I can never get the hk into that ex mgb

make sure u input forward at the end of your ex mgb motion. i remember people saying that they miss that part.

It’s 2x cr.lp -> s.hk xx EX MGB. So as soon as s.hk lands immediately do MGB. Like by the time the s.hk lands you should hit the button for MGB. It takes practice but it’s actually really easy once you get the hang of it. It’s a lot like the Target combos where as soon as the first hit hits, you tap the next button and when that hits etc. etc.

Thanks for the advice guys, I can get it now!

By the way, if you still have further problems with the EX MGB, try this. The proper way to do a EX MGB is :hcf:+:2p:. A lot of people would miss it because end up doing :l::db::d::df:+:2p:. As you can see, they would end it with :df:+:2p:, which does not work. However, you can exaggerate it by doing :hcf::uf:+:2p:, which does work. If you do it this way, I don’t think you can every miss a EX MGB since there is no chance of you doing :df:+:2p:.

Try :hcf::uf:+:2p: if you are still having trouble.

first training mode to see if you are even doing the input right. if so just do it faster. you might have a laggy tv

Ever since I started using this motion I have never missed a MGB yet, you rock. :rock:

Yeah, rolling to upforward has to be the best advice I’ve received.

Use it to make sure you get Ultra and not Jet Upper, when going for ducks, etc.

ask user: SalPal, I think he knows how

Liquid SRK: No problem. I am still trying to learn this game and helping people along with it. Writing what I know helps the learning process.

Mr.X: That is what I do as well. Very helpful.

I don’t like the amount of time HCF takes to input so I snap from DB to F. Get into a habit of DB to F so that it feels as natural as B to F, it’s like a charge move for me now minus the charging state.

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