s.HK to c.MK

This is part of my practice regime but I’m having a hard time pulling this off successfully. Any tips on the exact timing? I’m pulling my hair out here haha. Apologies if this specific link has been asked about before.


link it

It’s a 1 frame link so there’s no room for error and most difficult to pick up. Unfortunately I have no useful advice beyond programming your muscle memory. Visual cues and things all prove ineffective with my timings for tighter links. It’s not too bad to get the hang of the flow if Akuma is your main and you should get it down with a bit of practice.

If you don’t use him so much, why not try p-linking with LK~MK?


That’s for the advice DevilKnight, not sure I understand your last sentence though. Do you mean p-linking the s.HK to c.MK or do you mean something different? What would be the exact input to do that?

^press MK+LK when going for cMK so you have 2 possible inputs to hit the right frame window.

so s.HK then c.MK+LK yes? Hmmm I’ve been fooling around with that but not really had any luck with it

^yes it helps just a little but always worth doing.

it’s still a 1 frame link, the plinking just gives you 2 chances to hit it.

I learned the timing by going to training and setting autoblock on. Then I did the stHK to crMK. If the cpu blocks it I would input crMK sooner and if the crMK didnt come out I would input it later. I don’t really recommend plinking until you can get the single mk input timing down

eh…why not? that doesn’t make sense.

i look at plinking as a crutch to help get the move off. i just think that if you’re training then you should get the single input into muscle memory first then after you get the timing down you can use plinking to improve your chances of linking the MK.


whatevs tho.

EDIT: plink it. it gives you 2 chances to link the c.mk.

Rule number one: stop linking into forward. I’m not saying it’s not useful, but it’s clearly Akuma’s hardest link. I’ll only do it during a normal hit/block string, and then I’m usually canceling into a demonflip out of the forward.

I agree with what I think you’re trying to say. In training mode, I always attempt the hardest input to sharpen my timing to the greatest degree. In combat, I always use the most lenient one to give me the most opportunity. This applies to everything.

you don’t have to stop using it just because it’s difficult. the RH loop is difficult, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be used.

It’s the same as the st.HK , cr.MP link. You just need to train your hands to hit the different button at the same time.

Works for me! Haha. Roundhouse link is much easier than anything with c.MK – I think I just have a c.MK curse.

No it’s not, c.MK has 5 start-up frames vs. the c.MP’s 4 start-up frames.

Really? I always found that jab jab cr.MK xx fireball felt the same as jab jab cr.MP xx fireball so assumed it was identical.

Well it can feel the same in theory, it’s just the room for error is pretty non-existent with c.MK.

Yeh, I guess! If I am hitting the cr.MP within 1 frame it would feel the same as I wouldn’t know.

Learn something new every day. Thanks.