S.hk x EX MGB: Why can they block?

How fast do I need to do this? When ever I’m practcing it seems the computer can block 50% of the time I try it. It even feels I’m doing it at the same speed and it still seems to block it.

yes its a glitch in training mode where it just wont combo if they have no life… but they wont block the EX mgb combo because when they have no life left, every kind of chipdamage will just hit them

Woh, ok, thanks for clearing that up guys. That’s a bit similar to how the computer can block unblockables.

Yeah, training mode only works to a certain extent unfortunately…

I recently had this problem as well, you have to time it just right. It may be a link instead of a cancel, but either way it’s really hard to time it right. Gotta practice alot. Once I got it down it worked perfectly fine in practice mode :confused:

for me, it’s similar to the timing of Makoto’s s. HP --> EX Hayate

uhh, if that helps anyone…

I had trouble doing it until I forced myself to hold the HK button down and releasing it only after the EX MGB, cutting down the inputs I was giving.

it has nothing to do with the cancel probably.

its just the training mode glitch like other ppl said.

make sure the dummy is at full life whenever testing combos.

I’ve seen Chun randomly duck some of the hits of the ex mgb after getting hit by the standing roundhouse and then block the rest.

Oh yea, ducking chun and oro (and possibly others) get wiffed by the middle part of the EX machine gun blows, making the combo not work. I forgot about that.

chun/oro/elena/ibuki (maybe remy idk…) crouch that shit.

Remy doesn’t duck it.

yea i didnt feel like testing.

i dont play any remys sooo :o.

yeah we really don’t need another moderator :frowning:

Grrr…i HATE how chun can duck EX MGB. It makes me ornery like an alligator.

:arazz: to you, Chun.

to the ppl that can duck EX MGB, c.HK x 6