s.HK xx HG reset/infinite

I doubt this is new, but I haven’t seen it anywhere before, so forgive me if it is posted somewhere.

I found out the other day that Magneto can cancel the second hit of his standing heavy kick into a hyper grav. Because of this he is able to loop s.HK xx HG over and over. The time in HG is very short, so I don’t know if there would be enough time to mash out of it before getting hit by the next heavy kick.

Can anyone comment on this reset/infinite as to whether or not it is a true infinite, so to speak, or if it is even useful.


s.hk xx hg xx mt is basic mag play

s.hk xx hg does not combo…your opponent can block by then.

On sent and Juggs in corner, [dashing, s.fp xx hypergrav] x N works as an infinite.

On juggs in corner, you can do:

tj.fk, land, c.lk, c.fp, sj.fk, ad df, lk, lk, land, dash s.fp xx hypergrav, [dashing s.fp xx SJC. lk, lk, ad down, lk, lk, dashing s.fp xx hypergrav] x N.

I dont think it works on sent, though. Or at least I haven’t gotten it.

Think you can do this in Xmen vs Street Fighter only