s. HK

alright this move is one of the best normals in the game
2 hit (cannot be focused)
hits air, ground and crouch
extreme range, cannot be punished on block
and relatively quick for wat it is

my question is do u sagat users think its a little too good?


Relatively quick? This shit comes out in 5 frames! That’s light fucking speed for a move with so much range and damage!

Nah, we need it. Sagats biggest disadvantage (i know i know he’s broken etc.) is his inability to escape. He can move forward quickly, but backwards… not so much. Sagat players need to be like a wall, and make sure nothing gets past that line of defense, st. hk is your last hope really before they get in too close and you gotta play footsie’s, which can lead to your knock down. At that point you just gotta ride out the mix ups and hope for the best, no teleport and a weak back dash are what kills him there. What makes it really good is the fake kick.

Sagat needs one awesome normal. His others are not even close to other top tier characters. IMO he has some of the worst light attacks in the game when compared to other top tier characters.

Ryu has the best jabs in the game, and his cr mk is an amazing poke.

Uhh forward roundhouse does godly damage and can juggle so there’s another good normal. Also, Balrog’s jabs are better than Ryu’s. Cr mk is an amazing poke though, and Sagat’s light attacks kinda suck so you are right on point with those.

I’d have to agree full heartedly on this.

The motherfucker is slow.

sagat’s c.mk does 90dmg and is pretty good
ryu’s does 70
abel’s does 60
idk other chars’ dmg

It’s really good at what it does, but it’s very situational

damage is not the problem here. It’s just that the range isn’t too good on it. Only thing special about it is that it moves him forward.

Ryu’s low forward is probably on par with Sagat’s s.RH in terms of good normals.

I’d say it’s better… if you crouching MK under Sagats standing RH, guess who gets hit :chat:

Sagat’s standing LK is good too, though!

Probably not.

Sagats’ st.rh is multi faceted and excells in all its’ applications. Ryus’ cr.mk is not multi faceted, but excells in its’ one application.

'Gats st.rh >>> Ryus cr.mk.

His st.rh comes out one frame slower than Vegas’ cr.lp.

How is this fair.

That’s only the knee portion of the move, I believe

ryus low forward can GO UNDER FIREBALLS SO SHUT IT!!!

and under tiger knees…

and under focus attacks…

and has more range than sagat’s sweep I believe.

yeah thank god sagat has the standing light kick to fight it, without that the match would be retarded, well sagat would be a retarded char without his st lk

Also, in terms of escaping, both of Sagat’s throws move the opponent to the opposite end of the screen don’t they? Starting the arduous process of getting in all over again.

this is true… not sure where you’re coming from with that in this thread lol but yeah